Chapter 745 - Wang Long Wetting His Pants from Fright (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 745 - Wang Long Wetting His Pants from Fright

“Heavens! This…” Everyone was stupefied when such a scene appeared before their eyes.

Chu Feng slapped Wang Long, a rank four Martial Lord, to the ground. That was really a bit too powerful.

Before, they had took guesses on Chu Feng’s level of cultivation. At most, they thought he would only be at the peak of the Heaven realm. No matter what, they didn’t think Chu Feng would reach that level of strength, to be able to even defeat a rank four Martial Lord.

One must say that the strength Chu Feng currently showed deeply shocked the crowd, especially so towards Lan Yanzhi—who was incomparably arrogant before—as well as Wang Yue and the others. At that instant, there was no longer contempt on their faces, only endless fear replacing it. They had truly become aware of how...

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