Chapter 730 - Exposing the Formation Aperture

MGA: Chapter 730 - Exposing the Formation Aperture

In reality, it was not only Jiang Wushang who felt immense excitement. Even Su Rou, Su Mei, and Zhang Tianyi reacted the same. With their gazes full of shock and admiration, they stared tightly at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng wore a light smile on his face as the gazes gathered on him. He nodded, and said, “It is absolutely true.”

“Haha, Big Brother Chu Feng, you are really too powerful! I truly don’t know what to say anymore.

“Ever since the Millennium Ancient City landed in the hands of the Four Seas Academy, who knows how many experts they’ve sent here to investigate it? Yet, they’ve obtained absolutely nothing.

“On the other hand, you gave it no more than a glance yet saw through it. I really don’t know how I should give you...

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