Chapter 712 - Cutting the Line (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 712 - Cutting the Line

Not only did this man’s cultivation of the fifth level of the Heaven realm scare those who were waiting in line behind, even the disciple who was guarding felt that this person was not simple. He asked, “Who are you? Why are you not abiding by the rules and not waiting in line?”

“Brother, my name is Liu Zhenbiao. My younger brother, Liu Zhenwei, is cultivating within the Four Seas Academy. I really do have urgent business I need him for, so that’s why I’ve done this. I wonder… can you help me notify him?” asked the man, who proclaimed himself as Liu Zhenbiao, smilingly.

“You are Junior Liu Zhenwei’s elder brother?” After hearing those words, the eyes of the guard instantly lit up. He did know Liu Zhenwei’s name.

Although Liu Zhenwei was a new disciple who just recently entered the...

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