Chapter 684 - The Temple Opening

MGA: Chapter 684 - The Temple Opening

The arrival of Xia Yu, Qiu Zhu, and Dong Xue made Ya Fei tightly furrow her brows. After all, she could ignore Chun Wu, but Qiu Zhu, as a rank five Martial Lord as well, could not be ignored.

Besides, Murong Wan was there too. Recollecting on how Murong Wan was always in discord with her, and that she disliked Zhan Feng very much, since Ya Fei did not want to owe him any favours, she knew that most likely, she had no more chances to make a move on Chu Feng.

“Senior Chun Wu, Junior Wuqing, we finally meet again! How are you in the past few days? Were there anyone who bullied you?”

Seeming to feel shame in her heart, after seeing Chun Wu and Chu Feng, Qiu Zhu changed her usual cold attitude and actually came up and warmly inquired of their status. Looking at her appearance,...

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