Chapter 682 - Temple of Reproduction (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 682 - Temple of Reproduction

It had to be said that the Heaven’s Eyes was very strong, and through constant usage, Chu Feng became more and more practiced. He actually saw the distance through the layers of vision-blocking golden mist.

However, to the current Chu Feng, the Heaven’s Eyes seemed to have helped greatly. Through their gaze, Chu Feng was astonished to discover a humanoid organism in the distant mist.

Its height reached ten thousand feet, akin to a giant peak. It was so unbelievably large. Moreover, it had blood-red hair all over its body. The hair was very peculiar, as if it had been dyed by fresh blood, causing those who cast their eyes upon it to feel chills go down their spine.

Furthermore, its blood-red hair covered its entire body, preventing Chu Feng from seeing its face. He could only see a pair of...

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