Chapter 670 - Cannot Even Take a Single Strike

MGA: Chapter 670 - Cannot Even Take a Single Strike


When the golden longsword appeared, the complexions of all the senior experts on scene changed. More or less, displeased expressions emerged onto their faces.

They all knew the origin of the sword in Temple Head Wuya’s hand. It was a very special weapon. To be more precise, it wasn’t an Elite Armament, but an Incomplete King Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword.

Although it was only an Incomplete King Armament and was greatly different from an actual King Armament, it surpassed Elite Armaments by a huge margin. It was also a very rare treasure in the Eastern Sea Region.

The Incomplete King Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword, was Temple Head Wuya’s precious treasure. It was also the weapon he used to be invincible in the realm of Martial Lords. Hence, after he took out the Incomplete King Armament,...

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