Chapter 610 - Fighting Against a Martial Lord

MGA: Chapter 610 - Fighting Against a Martial Lord

But, in that situation, Chu Feng didn’t panic too much. Although Martial power was very strong, with his strength, he was not unable to fight against it.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng’s eyes flickered. As three lightning surged, the power of the three lighting was given to his body. Then, Chu Feng clenched a single hand, and threw out a punch.

With a huge explosion, waves sprayed everywhere and the ripples made the water bubble. The enormous wave that could touch the sky, in addition to the berserk Martial power, under the gazes of the crowd, were destroyed by Chu Feng’s punch.

“Heavens! Did you see that? The boy actually destroyed the attack of a Martial Lord!”

“Powerful! No matter how much stronger his cultivation is, he’s only in the Heaven...

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