Chapter 596 - Paying a Visit to the Lovers Terrace

MGA: Chapter 596 - Paying a Visit to the Lovers Terrace

“Eggy, it’s a Spiritual Being that has gathered for over five hundred years! But it only allows me to make a single level of breakthrough. If it were Heaven beads instead, I truly do not dare to think how many I would need in order to enter the sixth level from the fifth level.”

Chu Feng felt quite helpless. Despite already knowing that the cultivation resources he required would get more and more enormous as his cultivation reached higher and higher realms, when he truly faced such a situation, he still felt quite unspeakably bitter.

“Idiot. That Ice Crystal Egg is indeed a Spiritual Being, that is true; but it has only been congregating for five hundred years. You must know that powerful Spiritual Beings need to congregate...

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