Chapter 5905: Farewell, Danger? (Teaser)

Chapter 5905: Farewell, Danger?

The highest-quality treasure that required the most sacred mountain’s energy was a recovery item that healed one’s foundation. Chu Feng thought that was useful for Zi Ling’s injuries.

The second treasure was a talisman that temporarily boosted one’s observation. Chu Feng wanted to use it to see if he could enter the Ancestral Martial Realm Sect’s main city through that. 

The third treasure was another recovery item, which he thought might be useful for Wen Xue.

Wen Xue did help Zi Ling and Chu Feng, so he owed her a favor.

If possible, he would have wanted to obtain a treasure that could help Eggy, but it was a pity that none of the treasures here were of use to her. 

In the end, after he depleted his sacred mountain’s energy, he was enveloped by a surge of teleportation energy and brought back to where Zi Ling and the others wer...

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