Chapter 570 - Brothers Meeting (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 570 - Brothers Meeting

Within the Four Seas Academy, arbitrary fighting was forbidden, and even more so, arbitrary murder was forbidden.

So, if Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai wished to take care of Chu Feng, they had to follow him all the way until he left the territory of the Four Seas Academy before they could do anything to him.

But Chu Feng was not as easy to handle as they had thought. After he left the grounds of the Four Seas Academy, Chu Feng used the bodily martial skill, the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens, for quicker movement.

Although the speed of the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens was not comparable to the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, it was still very fast. It forced Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai to use everything they had, yet they could still not catch up to Chu Feng.

Although the...

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