Chapter 560 - Auction

MGA: Chapter 560 - Auction

“This...” At that instant, Jiang Wushang was in a bit of a difficult situation. He didn’t know whether to accept the gifts or not, so he cast his gaze towards Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi.

“Brother Wushang, just accept them. After all, Senior Yuhe has looked after us quite well, so it is only reasonable to take care of each other in the future.”

Chu Feng smiled. He had always recognized favours and paid them back. Although Yuhe had dishonest intentions when contacting them originally, he had helped them, after all. Thus, it was only right to look after him as well.

As for the other person, since Yuhe brought him over willingly, they undoubtedly had a very good relationship. So, there was no problem in him using his closeness with Yuhe and also obtaining a tiny...

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