Chapter 543 - Battle of Geniuses (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 543 - Battle of Geniuses

People formed mountains and oceans in the Azure Dragon School. It could be said that all characters who were well-known in the entire continent of the Nine Provinces gathered there.

The famous, the unknown, the old, the young, the ones belonging to schools, the ones belonging to parties, the leisure, the multitude of types, all sorts of characters that one could think of were there.

But at that instant, everyone’s gaze was concentrated on an area above the Azure Dragon Mountain Range because they knew that at that place, an exciting battle was going to start.

Moreover, that was not only the confrontation between two peak experts. It was the great battle between two geniuses. The battle between the strongest geniuses in the current continent of the Nine Provinces.

“Junior Chu Feng, I’ll make my move first then.” Suddenly, as Zhang...

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