Chapter 512 - Suffering from Misery (Teaser)

MGA: Chapter 512 - Suffering from Misery

“This is a secret weapon, and unless there is no other choice, I will not use it. But if I use it, this Jiang Dynasty will definitely be destroyed.” The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor smilingly said.

“Since it is like that, why not directly use this secret weapon? Why is there a need for us to use up so many resources?” The Liu Dynasty’s old ancestor puzzledly asked.

“Hoh. The reason is very simple. Although this secret weapon is powerful, it harms both them and us.”

“It’s almost time. Let us three attack together and break this dog butt formation. Let us make the Jiang Dynasty pay the price for their actions of many years ago!” Suddenly, the Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor leaped, became a blur of light, and came up to the Spirit Formation.

*boom* The Ji Dynasty’s old ancestor was an expert in the...

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