Chapter 5080: Difficult Decision (Teaser)

Chapter 5080: Difficult Decision

In just a few short moments, all of the Asura Evil Spirits present, with the exception of Yaoyao, had already established a contract with Chu Feng. Unlike the Asura King, they immediately kneeled before Chu Feng after contracting with him. 

Their attitude toward Chu Feng was extremely respectful. 

It was a grand sight with millions of Asura World Spirits kneeling in order before Chu Feng.

Soon, a few million more Asura Evil Spirits flew over from afar. Leading them were the Asura King and Lord Yunliang. 

These were the Asura Evil Spirits who opposed the Asura King’s decision but were imprisoned after falling in defeat. 

“Is that man Lord Chu Feng? I didn’t think that he would be a junior!”

“However, it’s an amazing feat for a person as young as him to have reached...

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