Chapter 5075: Agitation (Teaser)

Chapter 5075: Agitation

“That is…” 

Chu Feng’s eyes soon fell upon a miserable figure who was tied up and hanging from mid-air. That person was in a near-death state. 

Astonishingly, it was none other than Lord Yunliang, who had helped Chu Feng take Yaoyao away from here back then. 

Chu Feng thought that Lord Yunliang would have definitely lost his life for what he did, so it was a relief to see that he was still alive. However, Lord Yunliang was being put through cruel torture even though there was a breath left in him. 

“MIlord, can you release Lord Yunliang?” Chu Feng turned to the Asura King and asked. 

He knew that it was under the Asura King’s command that Lord Yunliang was being punished. If he wished to save Lord Yunliang, he would have to first acquire the Asura King’s...

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