Chapter 5062: Final Means (Teaser)

Chapter 5062: Final Means

“Elder Yao Cheng, you…”

Wang Yuxian could hardly believe what was happening. She couldn’t accept such a turn in events. 

“Stay close to me.”

Chu Feng was shocked as well, but he immediately sent a voice transmission to Wang Yuxian, the Lady of Dao Sea, and the others. It was already a fact that Yao Cheng had betrayed them, so what was more important was to think of ways to deal with this situation.

The puppet army was still a terrifying force, but it was no longer under their control. It would be hard to wrestle control over it from Sima Xiangtu as he had a firm grasp over them. 

They could try other means too, but at this point, the chances of victory were practically null. It looked like their only option here was to escape. 

Of course, it was no easy feat to escape from the encirclement of the powerful puppet army,...

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