Chapter 5021: Lord Taibai (Teaser)

Chapter 5021: Lord Taibai

“Our Netherworld Sect rarely gets involved in secular affairs, but we have our own reasons when we do. I’ve revealed my identity to you so as to give you a reason to step down. Chu Feng is a member of our Netherworld Sect, so his business is our Netherworld Sect’s business. Isn’t that enough reason for me to get involved?” the Netherworld Envoy replied. 

“I understand. What if I refuse?” the middle-aged man replied. 

“Then you’ll be making an enemy out of the Netherworld Sect. Does your Pill Dao Immortal Sect has the guts to do that?” the Netherworld Envoy replied. 

“Heh… Guts?”

The middle-aged man laughed deeply before pulling his robe open to reveal his chest. There should have been a formation...

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