Chapter 4991: Dote (Teaser)

Chapter 4991: Dote

Those words carried a menacing threat, but neither the Godwish Grandmother and the Lady of Dao Sea was angered by those words. Instead, there were amiable smiles on their faces.

The person who had uttered the threat was none other than Song Yun.

“Yun’er, you’re really fond of Chu Feng?” the Godwish Grandmother asked.

She had long noticed Song Yun’s feelings for Chu Feng, and she had some understanding of Chu Feng too. It was just that the situation was a little complicated at the moment, so she needed to further clarify her daughter’s stance.

“Mother, I’ve already told you clearly that I like him. When have I shown such fondness toward anyone else?”

Song Yun raised her head, revealing her mischievous and adorable face. However, there was also a hint of haughtiness in her features too. 

“Chu Feng is indeed an extraordinary man. He was only at Utmost Exalted level the last time I met him, but he has already reached rank three Martial Exalted level and...

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