Chapter 4954: The Prowess of the Defensive Formation (Teaser)

Chapter 4954: The Prowess of the Defensive Formation

Not even the Zhuge Clan’s Clan Chief dared to let his guard down against an attack of this caliber. He channeled the power of the formation into his Exalted Armament, causing it to emanate an aquamarine glow too. 

He swung his sword, releasing innumerable aftershadows that rushed straight toward the white dragons. 

Neither of them was backing down at all.

Boom boom boom!

A series of explosions ensued. The world darkened as the fabrics of space were ripped time and time again. The shockwaves produced by the clash between spirit power and martial power destroyed everything in the vicinity, tearing the Zhuge Clan to ruins. 

As the battle got more and more intense, Princess Xiaoxiao and the others had no choice but to back away. 

A clash between two peak Martial...

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