Chapter 4931: Other Existence

Chapter 4931: Other Existence

“Someone has beat us to it. Who could it be?”

Chu Feng warily scanned his surroundings. He was certain that there was a limit imposed on that earlier whirlwind realm and the current palace they were in that only allowed juniors to enter.

This meant that the person who took away the secret skill had to be a junior too.

But who could it be?

“Did anyone else enter this location?” Chu Feng asked Princess Xiaoxiao.

“That shouldn’t be. A token is needed to access this location, and there are only two formations in this ancient remnant that contains the token. I’ve obtained the first one, and my guess is that you’re in possession of the second one. No one else should have been able to enter this place,” Princess Xiaoxiao said.

“Is that so? Based on what I’m getting, the secret skill was taken away by someone else not too long ago,” Chu Feng said.

“Not too long ago? Chu Feng… are you certain?” 

Princess Xiaoxiao’s face warped in horror upon hearing those words.

Chu Feng knew that Princess Xiaoxiao wasn’t the type to get afraid easily, which meant that she must have arrived at a terrifying conclusion.

“Do you know who it is?” Chu Feng asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but I’m aware that there are other existences here other than us. If it isn’t us, it must be one of them,” Princess Xiaoxiao said.

“Other existences? Tell me more about it,” Chu Feng said.

“I’ll tell you later on. For now, we need to leave this place as soon as possible. Chu Feng… that thing over there is the item Master Yin Ren needs. The secret skill is not of importance. It’ll suffice as long as we take that with us,” Princess Xiaoxiao pointed to the throne and said.

There were many gleaming gemstones on the throne, but there wasn’t anything special about them. It didn’t seem like they were treasures of any sort. The gemstone that Princess Xiaoxiao was pointing at looked even more ordinary.

It was in a dull shade of gold, seemingly having lost its energy. It looked cheap compared to the other gemstones. 

However, upon careful examination, Chu Feng sensed a bizarre sensation coming from the gemstone. He tried to use the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk to sense the gemstone. 


The gemstone immediately released a great power that dragged him into it. 

Chu Feng found himself entering a world filled with spirit power. As soon as he was pulled into the world, the spirit power rushed at him like an army of charging warriors.

It was fortunate that he had the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk in his grasp. 

It siphoned spirit power away from the surroundings and formed a barrier to protect Chu Feng. 

“What’s this gemstone?”

Chu Feng quickly assessed the world around him, but he was unable to discern anything at all. There were no instructions whatsoever, and he couldn’t find any spirit formation gate for him to escape from this world either. 

In other words, he was trapped here.


A silhouette suddenly appeared by Chu Feng’s side.

It was Princess Xiaoxiao. 

“Why did you come in here as well?” Chu Feng asked angrily.

He wasn’t worried about Princess Xiaoxiao but Xian Miaomiao. If something happened to Princess Xiaoxiao right now, Xian Miaomiao would be a goner too.

“I know how to escape from here.”

Princess Xiaoxiao took out a compass, and upon infusing her spirit power into it, it swiftly expanded into a massive formation. The formation morphed into a huge whirlpool that devoured the spirit power in the world. 

“This compass was prepared by Master Yin Ren?” Chu Feng asked.

The compass was a treasure emanating the aura of the Ancient Era, but the energy inside contained a hint of Master Yin Ren’s aura. Most likely, Master Yin Ren had constructed this formation on top of the compass.

“Yes, this formation was indeed constructed by Master Yin Ren. This stone is known as the Ancient Era Realm Soulstone. It’s used to suppress the secret skill. Compared to the secret skill, it’s actually much harder to acquire this stone. 

“However, if we devour the spirit power in here, we’ll be able to tame the Ancient Era Realm Soulstone,” Princess Xiaoxiao said.

“Master Yin Ren seems to know quite a bit about this place. Can you tell me now what other existences are in this ancient remnant together with us now?” Chu Feng asked.

“A race from the Ancient Era lives beneath the ancient remnant. They have already awoken from their hibernation, but they aren’t able to leave this place due to a barrier. The palace we were in earlier was one of their territories. If we were to just leave through the palace’s door, we’ll be in their living habitat. 

“There’s an age restriction as to who can access the palace, but the juniors from the Ancient Era’s race are able to access the palace too,” Princess Xiaoxiao said. 

“You’re saying that it’s possible that the descendants of the Ancient Era’s race have taken away the secret skill?” Chu Feng asked.

“I can’t think of any other possibility,” Princess Xiaoxiao replied.

“There’s indeed a high possibility of your deduction being true. Is the Ancient Era’s race you spoke of extremely powerful?” Chu Feng asked.

“If they were to escape from here, there’s a high chance that they’ll be able to destroy our Nine Souls Galaxy,” Princess Xiaoxiao replied.

“They’re that dangerous?” 

Chu Feng was astonished to hear that. 

It was no wonder why the secret skill inside his body had reacted. It must have sensed the terrifying aura coming from the Ancient Era’s race here. 

“What other use does that Ancient Era’s Soulrealm Stone have other than suppressing the secret skill? What use does Master Yin Ren have for that stone?” Chu Feng asked.

He was curious as to know why Master Yin Ren had sent Princess Xiaoxiao in here not to claim the secret skill but the stone. It likely meant that there was something special about the stone. Otherwise, he wouldn’t go to the extent of risking the life of a princess from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. 

“This stone harnesses a great amount of spirit power. Setting up a formation using it will significantly boost the formation’s prowess. On top of that, the stone also possesses a certain degree of consciousness, which is why it’s dubbed as a soulstone. 

“The soulstone is an important treasure to ensure the harmony between my soul and Miaomiao’s soul. It’s intended to replace the formation inside me. This is important for our coexistence for the time being,” Princess Xiaoxiao replied. 

“It’s for Miaomiao?”

Chu Feng nodded in realization.

“However, I won’t let Miaomiao remain your body. No matter what, I’ll return her freedom,” he expressed his stance. 

Even though he viewed Princess Xiaoxiao as a friend too, he couldn’t let Xian Miaomiao live her life out as an unconscious soul inside Princess Xiaoxiao’s body. 

Princess Xiaoxiao lowered her head sorrowfully upon hearing those words, but she quickly recovered. She pulled out an exquisite container from her Cosmos Sack.


The box was opened, revealed a formation within. 

A body was impeccably sealed inside the formation. It was Xian Miaomiao’s.

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