Chapter 4929: Master Yin Ren

Chapter 4929: Master Yin Ren

Chu Feng was able to somewhat understand the situation after some discussion. 

After he entered the ancient remnant all alone, Shengguang Baimei and the others paced around the entrance of the ancient remnant worriedly. All of a sudden, there was a loud explosion, and they quickly rushed over to check the situation.

There, they found a huge hole in the barrier. Someone had forcefully created this opening with sheer force. 

It was just that they didn’t manage to see who was the one who did it. 

They did sense that something was amiss. Most likely, a powerful individual had entered the ancient remnant, making it an extremely dangerous place right now. However, out of consideration for Chu Feng’s safety, they still chose to enter the ancient remnant to look for him.

It was fortunate that Daoist Niantian was skilled in world spiritist techniques, allowing him to quickly grasp Chu Feng’s aura and track down his whereabouts.

By the time they found Chu Feng, he was still trapped inside the spirit formation gate, having not found his way out yet. In other words, they witnessed everything that had happened to Chu Feng afterward when he walked out of the formation. 

As for why they chose not to show themselves, it was not that they were trying to make a fool out of Chu Feng but that they wanted to see the true colors of those from the Nine Souls Galaxy. 

From the very start, they weren’t worried about Chu Feng’s safety. What could possibly happen to him when all three of them were in the vicinity? If Daoist Zhang really dared to make a move, they would immediately swoop in and save him.

Amidst chatter, they continued rushing forward. 

A while later, they found that the area in front of them was no longer dark anymore. There was a spirit formation gate standing in front of them.

They passed through the spirit formation gate and found themselves entering a palace made out of spirit power. There was a powerful formation embedded into the palace, and a person was currently seated outside the formation. 

It was a raggedy old man with gray hair. He was dressed in the robe of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

Putting the clues together, Chu Feng knew right away that he was none other than Master Yin Ren of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. 

He was the culprit who fused Xian Miaomiao’s soul together with Princess Xiaoxiao.

Master Yin Ren had set up a formation and was struggling to activate it at the moment. There was furrow on his forehead, and his body was drenched in sweat. It would appear that he was having a difficult time at the moment. 

“Rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation. It looks like his reputation isn’t unfounded,” Daoist Niantian remarked. 

Through the formation, he was able to discern Master Yin Ren’s proficiency in formations.

It was only upon hearing those words that Master Yin Ren noticed that someone had entered the area. He turned his head over and uttered in surprise, “Chu Feng?”

He actually recognized Chu Feng.

He took a quick look around and noticed the severely injured Daoist Zhang and the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. That gave him an idea as to what was going on. He turned to Chu Feng and asked, “Chu Feng, you aren’t here for the secret skill, right? Instead, you’re hoping to exact vengeance for Princess Miaomiao.”

“Are you the one who killed Miaomiao?” Chu Feng asked.

“I was obeying orders. If vengeance is what you seek, you may take my life. Once I’m dead, Princess Xiaoxiao, who’s inside the formation, will lose her life too. You’ll be able to satisfy your vengeance. However, if you wish to save Princess Miaomiao, I advise you to calm down and listen to me. You can’t allow Princess Xiaoxiao or me to die right now,” Master Yin Ren said. 

Hope flickered across Chu Feng’s face when he heard those words. 

“What do you mean by that? You’re saying that Miaomiao… isn’t dead yet?” he asked. 

“Princess Miaomiao's soul is inside Princess Xiaoxiao’s body at the moment, but her body and soul have been perfectly preserved. Naturally, you can say that she is still alive. However, if Princess Xiaoxiao loses her life, Princess Miaomiao won’t be able to live either,” Master Yin Ren said. 

“Scum! You dare to spout such lies just to preserve your own life. Young friend Chu Feng, you shouldn’t believe his words. Just give me the word, and I’ll make sure that he dies a horrible death!”

Shengguang Baimei didn’t believe in what Master Yin Ren said at all. Instead, he wanted to teach Master Yin Ren a lesson. 

“Wait a moment.”

Chu Feng raised his hand, indicating for Shengguang Baimei to hold still first.

“Can I trust you that Miaomiao isn’t dead yet?” he asked. 

He had indeed made his way here for vengeance, but if Xian Miaomiao was truly alive, there was no better news than that. If so, there was nothing more important than saving her. 

“She’s indeed still alive. It’s because of you that Princess Miaomiao was able to survive the ordeal,” Master Yin Ren said.

“Because of me?” 

Chu Feng was confused by those words.

“Princess Xiaoxiao is definitely not a soft-hearted person. She only chose not to assimilate Princess Miaomiao’s soul because she knows that you’re good friends with her. I really wonder what kind of sorcery you have cast on her to make her fall for you even though the two of you have only met once. Two of the most talented princesses of our Nine Souls Sacred Clan ended up falling for you… Surely you can’t be oblivious to that, right?” 

Master Yin Ren looked at Chu Feng with a deep smile. 

Chu Feng felt deeply conflicted. 

To be honest, he had a good impression of Princess Xiaoxiao, but he was ready to kill her because he thought that she was the culprit who caused Xian Miaomiao’s death. In his view, Xian Miaomiao was far more important than a mere acquaintance.

However, if what Master Yin Ren said was true and that Princess Xiaoxiao had spared Xian Miaomiao due to him, he would really be put at a loss. 

“I hope what you said is true. If you dare lie to me, I’ll make you pay the price,” Chu Feng said.

“Young friend Chu Feng, the only virtue I have is my honesty. You can verify with your own eyes whether I’m lying or not as long as Princess Xiaoxiao is able to escape from the hidden realm,” Master Yin Ren replied. 

“Where’s Princess Xiaoxiao at the moment? Is she trapped?” Chu Feng asked.

He could tell that Master Yin Ren was trying his best to curb the formation in order to save Princess Xiaoxiao, but he wasn’t able to tell where Princess Xiaoxiao was at. 

“Princess Xiaoxiao is inside this hidden realm, just that she has met with trouble.”

Master Yin Ren turned his sights to Daoist Niantian.

“If I’m not mistaken, you must be Daoist Niantian. Can I ask you to help me suppress this formation together? Princess Xiaoxiao has to survive if you wish to save Princess Miaomiao,” Master Yin Ren said.

“Young friend Chu Feng.”

Daoist Niantian turned to Chu Feng to seek his will.

“Tell me how to get in,” Chu Feng said as he took out a black token.

“You managed to obtain the token? It looks like you do live up to your reputation. It’s no wonder why two of our princesses ended up falling for you. It looks like you’re a highly talented individual.”

Master Yin Ren was surprised that Chu Feng was able to obtain the token required to enter the hidden realm.

“Cut the crap and tell me how to get in,” Chu Feng said.

Master Yin Ren explained to Chu Feng the way to use the token, and the latter immediately followed the instructions. The method was actually pretty simple; all he had to do was to fuse the token into the formation in the palace. 


As soon as his black token fused together with the formation, a spirit formation gate floated into appearance at the center of the palace’s formation. 

“Young friend Chu Feng, just a word of advice. Great danger lies on the other side of the spirit formation gate. Even Princess Xiaoxiao is trapped in there. There’s no need for you to take this risk. You can just wait here for Princess Xiaoxiao to return. 

“As long as I work together with Daoist Niantian, we should be able to help her through this ordeal,” Master Yin Ren said.

Chu Feng ignored Master Yin Ren and instead looked at Daoist Niantian and said, “Elder Niantian, I’ll be heading in. I’ll have to trouble you to help Master Yin Ren.”

Following that, he turned to Shengguang Baimei and said, “Elder Baimei, if I don’t walk out of the spirit formation gate alive… kill that man.”

With that, Chu Feng prepared to enter the spirit formation gate.

“Wait a moment, young friend Chu Feng,” Master Yin Ren suddenly called out. 

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