Chapter 4928: Breaking the Barrier

Chapter 4928: Breaking the Barrier

Shengguang Baimei swung his Exalted Armament once more, and the already tattered bodies of the elder and Daoist Zhang became even more miserable. 

Despite their heartrending cries, Chu Feng didn’t have the slightest pity for them. Instead, he thought that they deserved it. 

Had he not prepared a hand or Shengguang Baimei and the others not arrived on time, the only plight that would have befallen him was death. 

Those from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan wouldn’t show mercy to him. No one would sympathize with him. Instead, they would mock him.

This was simply how the world of cultivation operated. It was a cruel world that operated under the survival of the fittest. 

He wasn’t so naive as to sympathize with his enemies. 

He also felt a hint of exhilaration as he knew that those from the Nine Souls Galaxy had always looked down on the Holy Light Galaxy. Most of them didn’t even think that it was worth trying to understand the circumstances in the Holy Light Galaxy. 

They simply assumed that the Holy Light Galaxy was barren land filled with weaklings. They looked down on the Holy Light Galaxy and their people from the bottom of their hearts. 

This prejudice wasn’t just coming from the experts of the Nine Souls Galaxy. Even the weaker cultivators shared the same attitude too. 

They collectively saw themselves as superior beings to those from the Holy Light Galaxy.

That was why Chu Feng felt exhilarated to see these high and mighty individuals getting slain in the hands of someone from the Holy Light Galaxy. It improved his impression of Shengguang Baimei even though what the latter did was indubitably cruel. 

Those who were kind to their enemies would often suffer for their compassion, especially those of Shengguang Baimei’s standing. 

“Young hero Chu Feng, why don’t we head in first?”

After spending a while torturing the duo, Shengguang Baimei stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Chu Feng. He was doing this to get back at them for Chu Feng, but he knew that latter was here for Princess Xiaoxiao.

“Let’s go,” Chu Feng said before leaping into the spirit formation gate.

Daoist Niantian and Shengguang Buyu followed him.

Shengguang Baimei suppressed Daoist Zhang and the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan and dragged them into the spirit formation gate along with him. He didn’t just spare their lives just so that he could torture them. There was still some use for the two of them here. 

He knew that those two knew this ancient remnant better than anyone else.

After entering the spirit formation gate, they found themselves entering a special space. It was dark all around, and they couldn’t see the boundaries of the world. It felt like they were standing in the midst of the vast cosmos, just that there was not a single star here. 

It was fortunate that there was a path made out of spirit power beneath their feet. It pointed out a direction for them. 

It was just that this path was a little queer. 

It contained a formation that would freeze their movements once every now and then. If they wished to proceed on, they would have to decipher the formation. 

It was fortunate that they had Daoist Niantian with them, so deciphering the formation wasn’t an issue at all. By this point, Chu Feng had learned that Daoist Niantian had reached rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation.

In contrast, Chu Feng was only at rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation.

There was a huge difference in their skills as world spiritists. It was not to say that Chu Feng couldn’t decipher the formation embedded in the path, but he wouldn’t be able to do it as fast as Daoist Niantian. 

Given such a vast difference in abilities, Chu Feng knew deep well that he wouldn’t be of any help to Daoist Niantian. Thus, he chose to leave it all to the latter. 

Along the way, Chu Feng noticed that the formations were getting more frequent and harder to decipher, such that their progress was getting slower and slower. 

This was also Daoist Zhang’s first time in this hidden realm, so he didn’t know of any shortcuts to circumvent this formation. As a result, they had no choice but to progress slowly.

“Speaking of which, elder, how did you get in here? Did you manage to find the token?” Chu Feng asked out of curiosity. 

The barrier around the ancient formation was extremely powerful, such that non-juniors could only enter if they had the access token in hand. 

“That’s not it. The barrier was destroyed,” Daoist Niantian replied.

“Destroyed? Amazing, elder. You were actually able to find a way to decipher the barrier,” Chu Feng said in awe. 

Based on what he had seen earlier, the barrier was truly formidable. It was to the extent that Chu Feng wasn’t able to find any flaws with it at all. 

Yet, Daoist Niantian was able to decipher it within such a short period of time. This would make Daoist Niantian the strongest world spiritist he was acquainted with.  

Even his master, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist, would pale in comparison to Daoist Niantian. After all, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was only at rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation. Even if he did manage to make a breakthrough, he would only be at rank six at most. 

It was not to say that a rank six Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist was weak, but there was a huge gap between that and Daoist Niantian’s rank eight. 

However, Chu Feng had a feeling that his master wasn’t as simple as he appeared to be. The Ox-nosed Old Daoist gave him an unfathomable feeling, as if he couldn’t peer to the depths of the latter’s prowess. 


Daoist Niantian burst into laughter.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you’re overestimating my abilities. How could I have the power to decipher that formation? It was the deed of someone else. Perhaps, it might not even be a person at all,” Daoist Niantian said.

“Who else could it be if not for you?” Chu Feng asked.

“I someone really did destroy the barrier, he’s bound to be an incredibly powerful individual. He didn’t decipher the barrier using spirit power. Instead, he destroyed it with sheer force,” Shengguang Baimei said. 

There was an uneasy look on his face as he said those words. It was clear that he was shocked by the earlier sight.

“Someone else is here?” 

Chu Feng was appalled. This would mean yet another variable for him to deal with. 

If that person was a friend, Chu Feng thought that it was likely that she was the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster. He deduced that she was the one who had been secretly protecting him back when he was still at the Holy Valley.

However, if that person was a foe, that would spell trouble.

Clearly, not even Shengguang Baimei was a match for the other party. 

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