Chapter 4926: Who Is It?

Chapter 4926: Who Is It?

“How is this possible?”

“That brat actually…”

The elders looked at Chu Feng with eyes widened in bewilderment.

Rank three Martial Exalted level—that was the aura that Chu Feng was emanating at the moment. How could a junior from the Holy Light Galaxy reach rank three Martial Exalted level?

“Scoundrel! How dare you impersonate a junior to bully our juniors? You’re a huge shame to us, cultivators!” the elder from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan suddenly hollered.

“Claiming that I’m not a junior? You sure are shameless. How could I have entered the spirit formation gate if I’m not a junior?” Chu Feng asked. 


Chu Feng’s words made perfect sense.

In truth, most of the elders arrived at the same conclusion upon seeing Chu Feng crush all of their juniors at ease. They thought that the fellow who came from the Holy Light Galaxy wasn’t a junior but someone pretending to be one. 

It was unthinkable to them that a junior from the Holy Light Galaxy could be this powerful. That was clearly out of the question.

However, on second thought, it was impossible for Chu Feng to be anything other than a junior. The formation in this location had made it clear that only those who were a junior could enter the spirit formation gates.

“What a rare sight. Who could have thought that a prodigy like you would emerge from the rundown Holy Light Galaxy? It looks like I’ve been underestimating you all this while.” 

Daoist Zhang began to reassess Chu Feng. Disdain had finally faded from his eyes.

“Elder, can you tell me where Princess Xiaoxiao is now?” Chu Feng asked.

“What business do you have with Princess Xiaoxiao?” Daoist Zhang asked.

“Pardon me, but it’s not convenient for me to divulge that to you,” Chu Feng replied.

“Hahaha! If that’s the case, I’m afraid that it isn’t convenient for me to divulge Princess Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts to you too. You are from the Holy Light Galaxy after all. Given your cultivation level, I reckon that you must have quite a backing. How could I allow a suspicious individual like you to meet Princess Xiaoxiao?” Daoist Zhang said.

“It looks like you’re intending to renege on your promise once more,” Chu Feng said.

“Young friend, you have a way of making things sound awful. With that being said, I’d like to ask what can you do about it even if I renege on my promise?” Daoist Zhang asked provocatively.

“In other words, you’re intending to oppress me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Oppress? Well-said!

“That’s right, I’m intending to oppress you today. I concede that your talent far surpassed my expectations, but what about it? No matter how powerful you are, that’s only amongst juniors. Before me, you’re nothing more than a weakling. Even if I renege on my promise and oppress you, what can you do about it?” Daoist Zhang asked.

Chu Feng wasn’t too surprised to see such a side to Daoist Zhang. From the moment the latter ushered him into the seventh spirit formation gate, he had already confirmed that Daoist Zhang was no good person.

So, Chu Feng prepared himself to open his formation and reveal the trapped Prince Shenglong. He felt that it was about time for him to bring out his trump card, or else he might really be in danger. 

“If you had obediently handed over that token earlier, I would have allowed you to leave safely. However, I can’t do that anymore. Do you want to know why?

“It’s because we thought that you were nothing but trash at the start. I thought that you weren’t even worthy of me dirtying my hands. However, things are different now. I can’t allow someone of your talent to rise up, especially since you’re from the Holy Light Galaxy. Your existence doesn’t bode well for our Nine Souls Galaxy. 

“Even if you hand over the token now, I can’t allow you to leave this place alive anymore,” Daoist Zhang said.


Chu Feng burst into laughter.

“I’ll be frank with you too. I didn’t come here all alone. I have three elders accompanying me. They’re waiting outside the ancient remnant at the moment. If something happens to me, none of you will be getting out of here alive.”

Daoist Zhang burst into laughter upon hearing those words. He turned to look at the crowd and exclaimed, “Hahahaha! Am I hearing things? He’s actually threatening us!” 

The others also burst into laughter as well. They thought that Chu Feng’s threat sounded utterly ridiculous.

“I know that you have people backing you up, but I’ll eradicate you here and now. It’s not that I’m looking down on you, but there can’t possibly be anyone strong coming from your Holy Light Galaxy. Even the overlord of your Holy Light Galaxy, Shengguang Xuanye, is nothing more than a mere ant before me. 

“I’ll put the word out here. You won’t be the only one dying here today. Those three elders you mentioned are going to meet their end too. Your Holy Light Galaxy is filled with nothing but useless people. What can the Holy Light Galaxy do even if I slaughter all of you here today?” Daoist Zhang said arrogantly.

Even though he was standing on the ground whereas Chu Feng was floating in mid-air, he was still looking down on Chu Feng. 

“What arrogant words! I’ll like to see you try!” 

A voice suddenly boomed in the air.

“Oh? It looks like you really did bring your backing along with you?”

Not a single one of the experts from the Nine Souls Galaxy looked anxious. If anything, they preferred this situation since it spared them the hassle of having to find Chu Feng’s backing. They would be able to conveniently get rid of all of them in a single sweep. 


The sky vigorously trembled, and the ground started quaking. An overwhelming oppressive might fell from the sky. It was so powerful that even the elders of the Nine Souls Galaxy found themselves helpless before it. Their faces were forcefully pressed down on the ground, unable to move at all. 

However, Chu Feng remained completely unharmed. The terrifying oppressive might didn’t hurt him in the least. 

Other than him, the only one who was able to withstand the oppressive might and move was Daoist Zhang. While he wasn’t completely restrained, his face still distorted under the crushing pressure of the oppressive might. 

He was struggling to cope against the oppressive might. 

Daoist Zhang raised his head to look at the sky, “Who are you? Why don’t you show yourself for a chat?”

Daoist Zhang’s arrogance and glee had vanished without a trace. He realized that the person he was dealing with was no ordinary cultivator. 

His question was answered by a powerful voice from the sky. 

“Who am I? I’m a person whom you look down upon, a cultivator of the Holy Light Galaxy!”

Three figures descended from the sky and took their positions beside Chu Feng. They were Daoist Niantian, Shengguang Baimei, and Shengguang Buyu. 

Chu Feng was overjoyed to see them. He had no idea how they managed to pass through the barrier and enter the ancient remnant, but he knew that he had nothing to fear now that they were here. 

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