Chapter 4925: Curbing the Enemies With a Single Move

Chapter 4925: Curbing the Enemies With a Single Move

“Young friend Chu Feng, you’re thinking too much into it. Why would I do something so excessive if I was thinking of harming you? Look around you. Many amongst us here can easily threaten your life. If we truly wished to harm you, we wouldn’t have bothered talking to you.

“I had my own considerations for directing you to the seventh spirit formation gate. If not for that, you might not have been able to obtain the token,” Daoist Zhang replied. 

“What you said makes sense too. Since you have no intention of harming me, does that mean that you wouldn’t do anything to me even if I refuse to hand over the token?” Chu Feng asked.

“Hahaha. That’s a good question. I won’t do anything to you if you refuse to hand over the token, but the juniors of our Nine Souls Galaxy are gathered here in hopes of obtaining the token. I fear that they wouldn’t agree if you insist on taking it away,” Daoist Zhang said.

The juniors caught his drift right away.


They rushed forward and encircled Chu Feng, blocking his path. At the same time, they released their oppressive might to heap pressure on him. Even Lu Qianyi joined in as well.

Based on his aura, Lu Qianyi wasn’t just at pinnacle Utmost Exalted level. He was at rank one Martial Exalted level.

The other juniors paled in comparison to his prowess, but no one felt embarrassed about it. Instead, they looked at Chu Feng gleefully, as if they were asking Chu Feng if he was seeing the prowess of the strongest prodigy of their Nine Souls Galaxy. 

A countryside bumpkin from the Holy Light Galaxy dares to provoke us. You sure don’t know your place!

The glee was soon wiped off their faces.

To their astonishment, Chu Feng was unfazed even when he was crushed by Lu Qianyi’s oppressive might. The relaxed look on his face made it look as if their intimidation meant nothing to him at all.

But how could this be?

A mere junior from the Holy Light Galaxy couldn’t possibly not be afraid of this.

He must have lost his sanity out of fright. There’s no way he could look that way otherwise. His fear must have stalled his brain, leaving him unable to react.

The juniors could only justify Chu Feng’s fearlessness in such a manner. 

“Elder, to think that I thought that you were a good person. I thought that you would be different from that Gray Lion of the Cang Prefecture, but it looks like I’ve misjudged you,” Chu Feng sneered with a disappointed look on his face.

“Young friend, I’m not sure what you’re talking about. I have no intention of hindering you here. The ones who are stopping you here are the juniors of our Nine Souls Galaxy. All they want to do is to retrieve the token that belongs to our Nine Souls Galaxy,” Daoist Zhang said.

“What a joke. The master of this ancient remnant has nothing to do with your Nine Souls Galaxy. Why would his possession belong to you?” Chu Feng scoffed.

“Elder Zhang, why bother wasting your breath with a person like him? Just give the word, and I’ll lop off his head!” 

Lu Qianyi manifested a sword out of his martial power.

“Qianyi, there’s no need to rush into violence. We’re not barbarians,” Daoist Zhang said.

He turned to Chu Feng and continued, “Young friend, we aren’t unreasonable people. I’ll give you two choices. You can either hand over the token and we’ll set you free or defeat all of our juniors. 

“If you can subdue all of our juniors, it would only mean that they’re unqualified to take the token away from you. Naturally, that means that the token belongs to you. I’ll allow you to take it away with you. I’ll even tell you where Princess Xiaoxiao is because it shows that you’re qualified to meet her,” Daoist Zhang said.

“Can I hold you to your word?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course!” Daoist Zhang replied.

Contemptuous smiles appeared on the faces of the juniors.

“You can’t really be thinking that you’ll be able to defeat all of us single-handedly. Who do you think you are?” 

Lu Qianyi eyed Chu Feng in disdain. 

The other juniors also looked at Chu Feng as if he was a fool. Mocking laughter echoed from their mouths.

All of them were renowned prodigies in the Nine Souls Galaxy, such that even their peers could only look up to them. 

In contrast, the Holy Light Galaxy was a rundown place filled with weaklings. Calling them countryside bumpkin was already a flattery to them. In fact, they didn’t even think that the people of the Holy Light Galaxy were considered as humans. They were inferior beings.

Yet, such an inferior being actually thought about challenging them.

Wasn’t the very notion of this laughable? 

It was as if an ant was thinking of biting a group of people to death. That was clearly an impossible feat. 

A beautiful woman stepped forward from the group of juniors and asked, “Are you serious about this? You’re really hoping to challenge all of us? Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If you really intend on challenging us to a fight, you should be prepared to lose your life. Against a trash like you, I fear that you’ll be obliterated if I just exert a pinch of my force.” 

Her head was raised haughtily as she looked at Chu Feng as if he was a mere ant. 

Ignoring the woman, Chu Feng turned to Daoist Zhang and asked, “Elder, can I start the battle now?” 

“Of course. Go ahead. You can make a move whenever you are ready,” Daoist Zhang said with a chuckle.

The others also burst into laughter. In their opinion, Chu Feng was nothing but a huge joke. They couldn’t wait to see him embarrass himself. 


Chu Feng’s robe fluttered, and a powerful oppressive might flowed out from his body. It was so powerful that it immediately overpowered the auras coming from Lu Qianyi and the other juniors. 

The juniors couldn’t even hope to stand their ground against Chu Feng’s oppressive might. They felt like a boulder and plummeted onto their body, crushing them deep into the ground. 

It had all happened so fast that by the time the elders finally comprehended what was going on, the juniors were already semi-buried in the earth like nails sticking out of the ground. 

Even Lu Qianyi was no exception. 

They had all been defeated without even being able to put up a fight.

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