Chapter 4924: Seeing Him In a Different Light

Chapter 4924: Seeing Him In a Different Light

“Who’s that?”

The juniors were confused by the unfamiliar face appearing from the spirit formation gate whereas the elders widened their eyes in shock. The latter recognized the man who had just left the spirit formation gate to be the junior from the Holy Light Galaxy.

Speaking of which, it was thanks to this junior entering the formation earlier that they were able to overcome the trial. Otherwise, the other juniors wouldn’t have been able to return safely. 

It was just that they expected the junior from the Holy Light Galaxy to be dead by this point, so they were bewildered to see that he had managed to return alive. 

Once again, the crowd turned their eyes toward Daoist Zhang.

However, it seemed like even Daoist Zhang was surprised by Chu Feng’s return.

One of the juniors walked up to Chu Feng and asked, “This brother over here, why haven’t I met you before?”

“I forgot to introduce him. That young friend is here in search of the secret skill too,” Daoist Zhang said.

“You’re here for the secret skill too? Brother, I’m Lu Yuan, the personal disciple of the Immortal Mansion Starfield’s Immortal Mansion Sect. May I know how I should address you, and which sect do you come from? Why have I not met you before?” one of the juniors asked.

“That young friend came from the Holy Light Galaxy, so it’s only normal that you don’t recognize him,” one of the elders explained.

Upon hearing the three words ‘Holy Light Galaxy’, the junior who approached Chu Feng earlier retracted his smile. He also pulled back the hand that he was about to offer to Chu Feng. 

“So, you’re from the Holy Light Galaxy?” that junior spoke with a much ruder voice from before. 

“Someone from the Holy Light Galaxy dares to stand amidst us? Who gave him the guts to come here?”

The other juniors also directed hostile gazes toward Chu Feng. 

There were even some who turned their eyes away from Chu Feng, as if saying that those from the Holy Light Galaxy weren’t worthy of their time. 

“Elder, I’m not here for the secret skill. As I’ve mentioned before, all I want to know is Princess Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts,” Chu Feng clarified.

“Princess Xiaoxiao?”

Some of the juniors directed looks of enmity toward Chu Feng upon hearing those words.

“Young friend, did you obtain anything inside the spirit formation gate?” Daoist Zhang asked.

The crowd was surprised. They didn’t expect Daoist Zhang to ask Chu Feng that question. It was almost as if Daoist Zhang thought that a mere junior from the Holy Light Galaxy would be able to obtain the second token.

How could someone from the Holy Light Galaxy possibly have the capability to do that?

“Elder, are you referring to this token?”

Chu Feng retrieved an item from his Cosmos Sack. It was a black token that looked a little like a spherical stone. It was covered in mysterious black runes that interweaved with each other, hinting that it was no ordinary item. 

If one were to take a closer look, one would realize that those runes formed a world in itself. Hidden in the world was a fearsome black Nine-headed Flood Dragon.

Even though it was just a mere token, it emanated an intimidating aura. 


The crowd gasped upon seeing the black token.

They recognized the token. It was the item that only those who had entered the spirit formation gate would have a chance at acquiring. To think that Chu Feng had really managed to obtain it!

A junior of the Holy Light Galaxy actually bested the juniors of the Nine Souls Galaxy and obtained the token! This was completely unexpected. 

“Is it because of the spirit formation gate?” someone murmured.

No one else other than Chu Feng had entered that specific spirit formation gate because it was the most dangerous entrance. It could be possible that they had misjudged the danger level of that spirit formation gate, and that it was actually the safest one.

“It looks like he has lucked out.”

It was just a speculation, but all of them seemed to be convinced that it was the truth. They looked at Chu Feng with disdainful eyes.

“Yes, this is indeed the token we’re looking for. Since you’re not here for the secret skill, I’ll have to ask you to hand the token over. In return, I’ll tell you where Princess Xiaoxiao is,” Daoist Zhang said.

The crowd thought that Chu Feng would obediently hand the token over to Daoist Zhang, but to everyone’s shock, he stowed the token back into his Cosmos Sack. It looked like he wasn’t intending to hand the token over. 

Daoist Zhang narrowed his eyes coldly. 

“Elder, you said that you would tell me Princess Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts as long as I was able to clear the trial inside the spirit formation gate. I’ve already cleared the trial, but you’re changing your words and insisting that I have to hand the token over before you’d tell me Princess Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts. Don’t you think that there’s something inappropriate about this?”

“Young friend, why do you insist on holding onto the token if you aren’t here for the secret skill? That item belongs to our Nine Souls Galaxy. You should just hand it over, and I’ll tell you where Princess Xiaoxiao is,” Daoist Zhang said.

“Elder, do you really take me for a fool? I know that there are seven spirit formation gates leading into that realm, and of all seven gates, you chose to direct me to the most dangerous one. I want to ask you what do you mean by this. Are you hoping that I’d die in there?” Chu Feng questioned.

Chu Feng’s words made some of the elders and juniors see him in a different light. 

Even Daoist Zhang was a little surprised too. 

He didn’t expect a junior from the Holy Light Galaxy to be able to see through his deception, let alone figure out that there were a total of seven spirit formation gates. 

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