Chapter 4922: Changing Attitudes

Chapter 4922: Changing Attitudes

“How could someone as lowly as you possibly be acquainted with Princess Xiaoxiao? You must have heard of his beauty and wanted to meet her in person!” the gray-haired elder exclaimed with raised eyebrows.

He refused to believe that Chu Feng was acquainted with Princess Xiaoxiao.

“Brother Lion, don’t be disrespectful,” Daoist Zhang said. He turned to Chu Feng and politely asked, “Are you acquainted with Princess Xiaoxiao?”

“Yes, you can say so,” Chu Feng replied with a nod.

He wasn’t lying since he had indeed spent a period of time with Princess Xiaoxiao back at the Graveyard Realm.

“Elder, do you know where Princess Xiaoxiao is?” Chu Feng asked.

“Follow me,” Daoist Zhang replied.

He wrapped Chu Feng in his martial power and began leading the way forward. They traveled at speeds faster than what Chu Feng could have reached if he had traveled on his own. 

Daoist Zhang was a rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator after all, a person who was on par with Shengguang Baimei. 

Despite their accelerated speed, they still ended up having to travel for quite a while. This was indicative of just how huge this ancient remnant was. After some time, they finally arrived at a stone forest where a crowd was gathered.

It was a sudden change in scenery, but the stone forest didn’t look out of place against the larger forest that made up the ancient remnant.

There were around several hundred people in total, and each of them was standing above a boulder. Some of them were emanating their auras whereas others were just standing still. What was common about those emanating their auras was that they were all at Martial Exalted level. 

It was likely that they were known figures given their relatively powerful cultivation.

Chu Feng could spot members of the Nine Soul Sacred Clan amongst this group of people, but most were from other powers. 

It was only upon arriving in the stone forest that he finally understood why the gray-haired elder was able to tell that he was from the Holy Light Galaxy. It turned out that the stone forest was a formation with elaborate details on it. 

It appeared to be a map depicting the ancient remnant. The people who were currently in the ancient remnant were also reflected on the map based on their current positions.

What was peculiar about it was how Chu Feng was represented on the map. Everyone else was represented by a green glow, but Chu Feng was emanating a golden light. 

There was also a small drawing beneath the map that reflected the Nine Galaxies. Each of the Nine Galaxies was represented by a different color. One of them was green in color, and the one closest to it was golden in color. 

Chu Feng deduced that the green galaxy represented the Nine Souls Galaxy whereas the golden galaxy represented the Holy Light Galaxy.

It was through this map that the Gray Lion of the Cang Prefecture figured out that Chu Feng was from the Holy Light Galaxy. 

While Chu Feng was assessing his surroundings, the crowd was also assessing him too. Their gazes left him feeling rather uncomfortable. They were looking at him with ridicule and disdain, as if questioning what someone like him was doing here. 

“Young friend, Princess Xiaoxiao is in this area, but I’m afraid that I can’t divulge her exact whereabouts to you. You have brought out no evidence that you’re acquainted with Princess Xiaoxiao, and I can’t blindly take your words as the truth. 

“So, I propose that you enter the formation over there and prove your strength. If you’re able to walk out of the formation safely, I’ll inform you of Princess Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts,” Daoist Zhang said. 

Daoist Zhang took out a token that emanated the aura of the Ancient Era and resonated with the formation around them. Under his control, the stone forest began shifting around before finally revealing a spirit formation gate beneath them. 

“Elder, where does the spirit formation gate lead to? How long will I be in there for?” Chu Feng asked.

“Are you starting to feel frightened? A coward isn’t qualified to meet Princess Xiaoxiao. I suggest you return wherever you have come from!” the gray-haired elder sneered.

His words invited laughter from the crowd around them.

None of them were acquainted with Chu Feng, and they were oblivious to Chu Feng’s motive here. It was almost as if they were laughing for the sake of it.

Chu Feng detested people like that, but he chose not to bother with them. Instead, he turned to Daoist Zhang for answers. 

“Young friend, there’s no need to fear. You’ll face a trial in the spirit formation gate, but your life won’t be in danger if you fail to clear the trial. As for how long it’ll take, that’s hard to say. It depends on how strong you are,” Daoist Zhang said.


Chu Feng decided to go along with them for the time being.

He had no clues to work with at the moment, and there was no way he could strong-arm them into revealing Princess Xiaoxiao’s location. Of course, he could try bringing Prince Shenglong out and coerce them. It was a plausible plan, but he would be revealing the hostility he harbored toward the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. 

He didn’t think that it was wise to let the others know about his intention.

Thus, he decided to go along with them for the time being. 

Other than that, he also noticed that the formation might be able to bring some benefits to him. He was curious as to what he could potentially earn from it.


Chu Feng stepped into the spirit formation gate.

The next moment, the elders present in the vicinity harrumphed in disdain.

“He actually entered that spirit formation gate. He really is courting his own death!” the crowd murmured.

One of the elders turned to Daoist Zhang and asked, “Daoist Zhang, what’s the background of that man?”

By this point, Daoist Zhang’s earlier benevolent face had already taken a 180-degrees turn.

“Who cares what his background is? In any case, his appearance will make it easier for us to decipher this formation,” Daoist Zhang sneered.

He raised his head to look at the map above them, which had started to undergo some changes.

“I would have never thought that a fool from the Holy Light Galaxy who somehow stumbled in here would be able to induce such changes in the formation. If I had known in advance, I would have captured a few more juniors from the Holy Light Galaxy over!” 

The crowd was delighted by the ongoing changes.

“Daoist Zhang, you directed that fellow to the most dangerous entrance. Will he really be able to survive there?” another person asked.

“How could he possibly return alive after entering the most dangerous entrance?” Daoist Zhang replied.

“Hahaha! That ignorant junior would have never thought that his lust for Princess Xiaoxiao would cost him his life. He would probably die with regrets. How pitiful. Hahaha!”

The crowd nodded with crooked smiles. Not a single one of them sympathized with Chu Feng.

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