Chapter 4919: A Powerful Enemy (Teaser)

Chapter 4919: A Powerful Enemy

On the way, Shengguang Baimei suddenly halted at a plain.

“Niantian,” he said.

Daoist Niantian caught the drift right away.


Daoist Niantian raised his arm, and a gourd covered in inscriptions flew into the sky. It paused in mid-air, and the inscriptions on it began to rotate on its surface. At the same time, it emanated a brilliant glow.

This brilliant glow shrouded Chu Feng and the others and concealed their presences and auras.

“Chu Feng, this fellow has a tracking talisman on him. The tracking talisman is embedded in his soul, so it’ll be impossible to retrieve it unless you kill him. 

“However, you need not worry. My gourd is a treasure...

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