Chapter 4919: A Powerful Enemy

Chapter 4919: A Powerful Enemy

On the way, Shengguang Baimei suddenly halted at a plain.

“Niantian,” he said.

Daoist Niantian caught the drift right away.


Daoist Niantian raised his arm, and a gourd covered in inscriptions flew into the sky. It paused in mid-air, and the inscriptions on it began to rotate on its surface. At the same time, it emanated a brilliant glow.

This brilliant glow shrouded Chu Feng and the others and concealed their presences and auras.

“Chu Feng, this fellow has a tracking talisman on him. The tracking talisman is embedded in his soul, so it’ll be impossible to retrieve it unless you kill him. 

“However, you need not worry. My gourd is a treasure from the Ancient Era. We’ll be able to completely conceal the tracking talisman in his soul with it. Those from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan won’t be able to find us. You can interrogate him without any worries now,” Daoist Niantian said.

“D-don’t hit me! I’ll speak, I’ll speak! I really don’t know where my father went, but I know where my little sister, Princess Xiaoxiao is. You should look for her if you wish to avenge little sister Miaomiao. My father only harmed little sister Miaomiao to treat Xiaoxiao’s illness. Ultimately, the cause of it all is Xiaoxiao!” Prince Shenglong exclaimed.

He proceeded to tell Chu Feng Princess Xiaoxiao’s whereabouts and the entourage together with her. Judging from his attitude, it didn’t seem like he was lying.

However, Chu Feng maintained a cold face all this while. After Prince Shenglong finished his words, he began manifesting a sword made out of martial power.

“Don’t hit me! I already told you everything I know. I swear that it’s all the truth! If you don’t believe me, I’ll even lead the way. If there’s any falsehood in what I’ve said, you can punish me all you want!” 

Prince Shenglong burst into tears out of fright. 

He was truly a spineless coward.

However, Chu Feng didn’t have the slightest pity for him. He looked at the latter with cold eyes.

“There’s no way you wouldn’t know about the formation in your manor and the tracking talisman in yoru soul, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“I-I-I… I really don’t know!”

The frightened Prince Shenglong thought about it but chose to deny it.

“You don’t know?”

There was a cold gleam, and Chu Feng’s sword pierced right into Prince Shenglong’s left shoulder. Then, he pulled the sword upward.


Fresh blood splattered in all directions. Prince Shenglong’s left arm had been severed.


Prince Shenglong grabbed at the stump left on his left shoulder and rolled around the ground in sheer pain. He quickly looked at Chu Feng and exclaimed, “I was wrong, I was wrong! Please, spare me! I won’t dare to do it ever again! I won’t hide anything from you anymore!”

This was the most elementary form of torture, but Prince Shenglong was still hissing through gritted teeth. Snot could be seen flowing out from his nose. 

However, Chu Feng’s viciousness didn’t alleviate in the least. There was another flash of cold glint, and his sword plunged right into Prince Shenglong’s body.


Prince Shenglong shrieked like a butchered pig.

Shengguang Baimei and the others watched the sight quietly, not intending to get involved at all. They knew that Chu Feng was bubbling with rage after Xian Miaomiao’s mishap. He had only been suppressing his emotions thus far, but he had to find an avenue to vent it.

Besides, Prince Shenglong wasn’t any kind soul either. He had tried to take advantage of Xian Miaomiao, and he didn’t hesitate to insult Xian Miaomiao even though she was already dead.

Such people did deserve to be punished.

It was just that they couldn’t afford to kill Prince Shenglong now. They still had a use for him.

Knowing that, Chu Feng consciously held himself back to ensure that Prince Shenglong still had a breath left in him.

Meanwhile, in Prince Shenglong Manor… 

The juniors whom Chu Feng had just injured were still lying on the ground, wailing in pain.


An elderly silhouette suddenly appeared in the manor. He was of short stature, standing at only 1.3 meters tall. In terms of height, he looked no different from a child.

However, if one were to see his face, even adults would get a shock of their life. His face was filled with scars, and he was blinded in one of his eyes. His remaining eye was green in color, making him resemble a monstrous beast.

One particular scar had cut his mouth open, revealing sharp, yellowish teeth that looked inhuman.

He looked incredibly terrifying.

His aura was also frighteningly powerful, such that it was nowhere weaker than Shengguang Baimei’s.

“Where’s Prince Shenglong?”

He began questioning the crowd as soon as he entered the manor. Even though he was trying his best to control his emotions, the crowd could see the nervousness on his face. 

The clan chief had assigned him with the important mission of guarding Prince Shenglong, but the latter had been kidnapped just like that. It was clearly a breach of duty. 

“Lord Elder, why are you here now? His Highness has already been taken away!”

The juniors were gladdened to see the elder, such that they began grumbling their indignation. 

They knew that someone would be here to save them, which was why they didn’t bother asking for reinforcement after being injured by Chu Feng.

“Who’s the one who kidnapped Prince Shenglong?” the elder asked.

The juniors quickly recounted the earlier situation to him.

“You said that the intruder is related to Xian Miaomiao? This… isn’t good,” the elder murmured with a frown after hearing the story. 

In truth, the elder had been in Prince Shenglong Manor all this while. The only reason why he wasn’t accompanying Prince Shenglong was because the latter didn’t like to be disturbed.

Nevertheless, he was still in the vicinity, and he had constructed a formation around the manor too. 

If someone had intruded the manor, he should have been able to sense it right away.

The moment he sensed that someone had triggered the formation, he rushed over to protect Prince Shenglong, only to realize that his place of dwelling had been sealed off. A powerful force was sealing off his surroundings, and he couldn’t break through the powerful force no matter what he did. 

If not for that powerful force dissipating on its own accord, he might have still been trapped even now. 

Without a doubt, the person who had trapped him in his place of dwelling must be with the group who had kidnapped Prince Shenglong.

The only problem was that the elder knew just how powerful he was, which clued him in on just how powerful the person who trapped him was. The knowledge that he was up against such a powerful enemy left him feeling incredibly unnerved.

This likely meant that the Nine Souls Sacred Clan had provoked an enemy whom they couldn’t afford to offend!

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