Chapter 4917: The Spineless Prince

Chapter 4917: The Spineless Prince

It was during the Wretched Black Demon’s marriage convention that he met Xiao Yu and Xia Yan. Back then, Xia Yan had disguised himself as a man because she didn’t want to reveal her identity. It was the same for Xiao Yu as well.

A series of coincidences had led to Chu Feng seeing Xiao Yu’s real appearance. He was certain that Xiao Yu was definitely Princess Xiaoxiao.

This reminded him of a matter.

Previously, at the marriage convention hosted by the Wretched Black Demon, the three of them entered the Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace, and Xiao Yu clearly stated that she only wanted one item. 

That item was none other than the Illusory Palace Soulwater, which allowed a person to take over another person’s flesh and soul. It was a possession item.

Back then, Xia Yan said that Xiao Yu was likely up to no good for coveting such a treasure. Chu Feng thought that it had nothing to do with him back then, so he chose not to think too much about it.

But looking at it now, her purpose for seeking the Illusory Palace Soulwater might have been to deal with Xian Miaomiao.

Chu Feng had no idea whether Xiao Yu did manage to acquire the Illusory Palace Soulwater or not, but the thought of Xian Miaomiao losing her life filled him with deep regret. 

Had he known that Xiao Yu had such plans in mind, he could have stopped her back then. 

It pained his heart greatly to think about it.

“Elder, we’ll be taking our leave now,” Chu Feng said before leaving the premises.

He headed straight for Prince Shenglong Manor.

It was worth noting that even though there were people guarding the manor, there was no formation constructed around it. Thanks to that, Chu Feng was able to infiltrate the manor with ease. 

He soon found where Prince Shenglong was.

He was in a palace filled with many other juniors from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. 

Chu Feng wanted to make an appearance to force him to divulge where Princess Xiaoxiao and the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief were, but he soon noticed that the crowd was discussing the affairs regarding Xian Miaomiao.

So, he chose to hide in the shadows and listen to their conversation. He wanted to see if he could acquire any clues from their discussion.

“Hahaha, that Xian Miaomiao has always acted arrogantly just because she had her mother to cover her. She wouldn’t even let me kiss her. It serves her right that she’s dead now! Eyy, what a pity…”

Prince Shenglong was dressed in unkempt robes, and there were several women serving him from the side. However, when he spoke up to this point, he suddenly reined in his smile. He grabbed a gourd of wine from the table and began gulping it down. 

The other juniors were confused by his changes.

“Your Highness, Xian Miaomiao was foolish to disrespect all of us. It’s good news that he’s dead. Why do you still look so unhappy?” one of the juniors asked out of curiosity.

Prince Shenglong put the gourd down and said, “I was honestly unaware of my father’s plans. From the very start, his goal wasn’t to let Xian Miaomiao enjoy a life of riches and glory. He simply wanted to treat my little sister’s illness.

“If I had known from the start that my father would have a fallout with my little sister and my aunt over this, I wouldn’t have allowed Xian Miaomiao to look down on me. I would have captured her and imprisoned her in my manor so that I could thoroughly enjoy her. It’s only a matter before she’s dead anyway, so whatever I do wouldn’t matter. That’s what I’m feeling regretful over,” Prince Shenglong said before bursting into laughter.

The juniors understood what he was getting at and laughed along with him. Their shameless laughter echoed loudly within the manor.

What they didn’t know was that Chu Feng was hiding outside all this while. 

He thought that he might receive some clues he didn’t know of by listening to their discussion, but who could have thought that they would be so shameless as to insult Xian Miaomiao even when she was already dead?

He couldn’t stand listening to them anymore.


Chu Feng kicked down the door and entered the hall.

“Who is it?!”

The juniors were alarmed to see Chu Feng. However, Chu Feng ignored them and quickly made his way toward Prince Shenglong.

“Stop him, stop him!” Prince Shenglong exclaimed in a fluster.

He could tell from Chu Feng’s expression that he had come with hostile intention.

The crowd dared not to disobey Prince Shenglong. They quickly drew their weapons, ready to take down Chu Feng.


But before they could make a move, they were already sent flying in all directions. Those who were stronger spurted a mouthful of blood whereas those who were weaker died on the spot. 

At this point, the only one who was unharmed in the hall was Prince Shenglong and the maids serving him.

“Who in the world are you?”

Prince Shenglong was utterly flustered. He could clearly sense the oppressive might coming from Chu Feng’s rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator. He knew that it was Chu Feng who had injured all of the other juniors present.

“I heard you insulting my friend,” Chu Feng said.

Prince Shenglong immediately kneeled before Chu Feng and cried out loud, “Spare me, spare me! I wasn’t the one who killed Miaomiao. It was my father and my little sister! If vengeance is what you seek, you should go for them! This has nothing to do with me!”

Prince Shenglong sniffled pitifully.

Chu Feng had guessed that Prince Shenglong might beg for his life, but he didn’t expect the latter to be so spineless as to do so before he had even made a move. 

However, this worked to his advantage too. It was easier to obtain intelligence from the cowardly.

“It’s good that you know why I’m here. Tell me, where has your father gone to?” Chu Feng asked.

“I-I don’t know. I don’t know where my father went!” 

Prince Shenglong shook his head profusely.

“It looks like you need to suffer some pain before you’re willing to speak.”

Chu Feng walked over to Prince Shenglong’s side and manifested a dagger out of his martial power. Without any hesitation, he plunged the dagger into Prince Shenglong’s thigh.

“S-stop! I really don’t know! I really don’t!”

Prince Shenglong gritted his teeth in pain, but he was still unwilling to speak.

“Still refusing to speak? It looks like I’ll have to deal you some permanent damage before you’ll loosen your lips.”

Chu Feng pulled out his dagger and turned his gaze toward the area between Prince Shenglong’s thighs.

Prince Shenglong immediately knew what Chu Feng was aiming for, and his face paled in horror. The worst thing that could happen to someone like him was to be castrated!

“Don’t! Don’t don’t don’t! I really don’t know where my father went, but I know where my little sister went. I know where she is right now!” Prince Shenglong exclaimed.

Chu Feng was just about to force him to speak when Daoist Niantian suddenly sent him a voice transmission, “Bad news, there’s a formation in the hall. Run!”

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