Chapter 4916: Princess Xiaoxiao

Chapter 4916: Princess Xiaoxiao

“Chu Feng, someone must have brought you in here, right? Can you tell them to free me from this formation? I… would like to avenge Miaomiao with my own hands,” Xian Miaomiao’s mother spoke with a livid expression on her face.

It didn’t look like an act. Her eyes were filled with the determination to take her older brother’s life. Chu Feng could sense that she carried great adoration for Xian Miaomiao.

That was also why Chu Feng didn’t want to continue rubbing salt on her wounds even though Shengguang Baimei and the others told him to get to the bottom of things. He felt that there was no need to continue asking the obvious.

It was very likely that the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief had played some tricks to frame Xian Miaomiao’s mother. There were simply far too many ways to go about it.

Chu Feng chose to trust Xian Miaomiao’s mother on the basis of her deep sorrow. He couldn’t imagine Xian Miaomiao’s mother killing the daughter whom she loved so much.

So, he turned to Daoist Niantian and said, “Elder.”

Daoist Niantian, Shengguang Buyu, and Shengguang Baimei quickly made an appearance upon catching Chu Feng’s drift. It was just that there was an awkward look on Daoist Niantian’s face.

“Chu Feng, I’m unable to break this formation.”

He had already taken a look at the formation trapping Xian Miaomiao’s mother and concluded that there was nothing he could do against it. 

Chu Feng wasn’t too surprised to hear that. He had also taken a look at the formation himself, and he couldn’t find any weaknesses to exploit with his current level of proficiency in world spiritist techniques.

“Lord Baimei, are you able to do it?” Shengguang Buyu asked Shengguang Baimei.

While Daoist Niantian was the most skilled in world spiritist techniques amongst them, the strongest one was still Shengguang Baimei. It was just that Shengguang Baimei shook his head with a slight frown.

“I’ve already taken a close look at it, and this formation is not to be made light of. I won’t be able to easily break it even with my level of cultivation. If I do it forcefully, I might just harm the madame over there,” Shengguang Baimei said. 

“Since that’s the case, Chu Feng, you should leave,” Xian Miaomiao’s mother said with a disappointed look on her face.

“Elder, you still haven’t told me where Princess Xiaoxiao and her father are at,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was bursting with rage upon hearing about Xian Miaomiao’s plight. His killing intent would have flooded this entire forbidden area if not for him consciously suppressing it. He couldn’t let this matter go just like that.

He had to avenge Xian Miaomiao.

So what if the enemy was the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief?

Anyone who touched Xian Miaomiao had to pay with their lives!

“I don’t know where they are, but if you can’t even break the formation trapping me, there’s no way you would be his match. Chu Feng, you should quickly leave,” Xian Miaomiao’s mother advised.

The person she was talking about naturally referred to her older brother, the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief.

“It’s no wonder why you’re telling us to leave. It turns out that you’re looking down on us,” Shengguang Baimei harrumphed.

There was a hint of displeasure on his face.

Xian Miaomiao’s mother sensed Shengguang Baimei’s displeasure, but she ignored him and continued looking at Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I don’t bear any ill-will. I know that there’s a deep bond between you and Miaomiao. From the fact that you’re standing right in front of me at this very moment, it’s clear that you care a lot from Miaomiao. That’s precisely the reason why I don’t want to implicate you into this,” she said. 

“Elder, I’ve come here with conviction. I can’t leave just like that,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, I understand your feelings, and I feel the same way too. However, you’re being blinded by your own anger. You’re still too weak, and you’re going to put yourself and your allies into danger at this rate,” Xian Miaomiao’s mother said.

Chu Feng didn’t bother explaining himself. Instead, he continued to ask, “Elder, do you really not know where they are?”

Xian Miaomiao’s mother sighed at Chu Feng’s insistent attitude.

“It’s unlikely that they are in the clan right now. I’m not too sure where they went, but there’s a place known as Prince Shenglong Manor in the depths of our Nine Souls Sacred Clan. 

“The owner of Prince Shenglong Manor is Jiuhun Shenglong, a son doted by my bastard older brother. That brat has subpar talent in cultivation, but he still has my older brother’s favor. Every time my older brother leaves the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, he would make sure to bid farewell to his son. 

“If my older brother isn’t in the Nine Souls Sacred Clan at the moment, there’s a chance that Jiuhun Shenglong might know of his whereabouts. As for Princess Xiaoxiao, she’s likely traveling together with my older brother right now.”

Xian Miaomiao’s mother quickly drew a map using her spirit power. 

“This is where Prince Shenglong Manor is located. You must make sure to move quickly. You mustn’t let anyone see you. Otherwise, once the elders of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan notices your presence, it’ll be difficult for you to safely leave the premises.”

Xian Miaomiao’s mother proceeded to draw two portraits. One of them was an old man of short stature but emanated an imposing air. Even from the portrait, one could sense that he was a vicious person. 

Chu Feng could tell right away that he was the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief, the older brother of Xian Miaomiao’s mother.

He was just a little surprised at how young Xian Miaomiao’s mother was when her older brother was already as old as Shengguang Baimei.

More importantly, it was shocking to learn that a man that old actually had offspring that were beneath a hundred years of age. He must have a lot of women.

A person who succumbed to lust couldn’t possibly be a wise ruler.

Chu Feng didn’t find it that surprising that the Nine Souls Sacred Clan’s Clan Chief was able to commit such despicable acts.

However, the second portrait gripped Chu Feng with utmost shock. It depicted a woman with a fair complexion and beautiful facial features. She commanded a noble disposition that set her apart from the others. Even her cold face did little to mar her beauty. 

“Elder, she’s Princess Xiaoxiao?” Chu Feng pointed to the portrait and asked Xian Miaomiao’s mother.

“Her name is Jiuhun Yu. She hasn’t smiled ever since her birth, so her mother gave her the nickname, Xiaoxiao. Her father eventually used that nickname as her conferment,” Xian Miaomiao’s mother explained.

Chu Feng found it hard to accept the situation. He felt deeply conflicted. It was as if there was something stifling up his heart, suffocating him. 

He recognized the woman in the portrait. He had met her under another alias previous in the Graveyard Realm, and they had fought alongside Xia Yan.

The alias she had used back then was Xiao Yu.

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