Chapter 4910: The Implicated Monstrous Herd Temple’s Sectmaster

Chapter 4910: The Implicated Monstrous Herd Temple’s Sectmaster

Shengguang Baimei, Shengguang Buyu, Daoist Niantian, the experts of the Holy Valley, and the members of the Dragon Clan began making their way to the Holy Light Clan.

Shengguang Xintian wanted to tag along too, but Shengguang Baimei disallowed it. He told her to stay in the Holy Valley to continue reaping the benefits from the Holy Lotus Tree. 

Shengguang Xintian had no choice but to drop the idea of following them. 

There was a formation in the Holy Valley that was connected to the Holy Light Clan, so there was no need for them to take the long journey. They could easily get there through the formation. 

Even after Chu Feng and the others left, the members of the Holy Valley couldn’t stop discussing the events that had transpired today. Far too many things had happened that left them feeling a little traumatized. 

Meanwhile, Shengguang Menglai headed over to the Holy Light Ancient Formation to access the area above it, seemingly searching for something. If one were to take a close look, one would notice a mysterious gleam in her eyes. It was one of her means of detection.

“It looks like little sister Menglai is very concerned about why Chu Feng wasn’t able to trigger the holy light phenomenon.”

A figure flew over from afar and landed beside Shengguang Menglai. He was no other than Shengguang Qianyu.

Shengguang Menglai ignored him. After her eyes reverted back to normal, she began rising into the sky to take her leave.

“Really, you’re the same as ever. You still aren’t fond of talking. Your big brother Qianyu has just returned from a long journey. Do you not miss me at all?” Shengguang Qianyu shouted after the departing Shengguang Menglai with a chuckle.

It was clear that he was joking from his voice and expression.

Yet, Shengguang Menglai halted her footsteps, turned around, and uttered coldly, “Watch your attitude with me.”

Her voice and eyes were filled with coldness.


Shengguang Qianyu’s smile froze up.

This was not the first time he was seeing Shengguang Menglai. If anything, this was the Shengguang Menglai he was familiar with. Even so, he couldn’t help but feel deep fear every time Shengguang Menglai directed her hostility toward him. 

They had grown up together, but there was still a gap between him and Shengguang Menglai. Such was the feeling shared by all of the juniors in the Holy Valley.

Even Shengguang Xintian, despite her close relations with Shengguang Menglai, was only superficially close to her. No one could say that they truly understood Shengguang Menglai.

That was why all of the juniors hoped to walk into Shengguang Menglai’s heart, including Shengguang Qianyu. It just wasn’t easy to pull it off.


A sound suddenly echoed from the sky. The black aura covering the sky had begun surging into the Holy Lotus Tree.

“Is it finally dissipating? That black aura is really weird. It blocked the sky and hindered our vision. We weren’t able to see the nine-colored lightning Chu Feng summoned due to it. I reckon that it must have been a grand sight.”

Some of the members of the Holy Valley felt a little regretful looking at the black aura.

However, as the black aura surged into the Holy Lotus Tree, the crowd noticed a blinding radiance above it. 

“My gosh, could that be?”

The members of the Holy Valley were shocked to see the phenomenon that was finally revealed due the disappearance of the black aura. There was a massive ball of light reminiscent of a second sun floating in the sky. 

The ball of light must have been there for a long time because it was still dissipating. It must have been even larger when it first appeared, just that no one noticed it due to the black aura’s concealment.

“Could this be… the scale of Chu Feng’s talents?” Shengguang Qianyu murmured with a quivering voice. 

Shengguang Menglai stared at the sky above with a tight furrow on her forehead. 

The other members of the Holy Valley reacted even more intensely. Many of them had their mouths agape. Those who had insulted him earlier even showed awful complexions as if they had eaten dog shit. 

There was not a person who wasn't able to recognize the massive ball of light. 

It was the holy light phenomenon that only appeared when someone achieved a breakthrough in the Holy Light Ancient Formation. 

It turned out that Chu Feng did trigger the holy light phenomenon, and it was a hulkingly big one. It was due to its massive scale that it didn’t appear directly above the Holy Light Formation but further up in the sky. 

While the members of the Holy Valley were dumbfounded by the sheer scale of the holy light phenomenon, there was one person who revealed a sweet smile. She was none other than Shengguang Xintian.

She was looking straight at the ball of light with an excited look on her face. 

“As expected, he’s filled with surprises.”

Shengguang Xintian turned her sight toward the teleportation formation leading toward the Holy Light Clan, where Chu Feng had just stepped into.


There were still many powers gathered in the Holy Light Clan. They were waiting for the new masters of the Holy Light Galaxy to appear, the Holy Valley.

There was not a single power that would dare to disrespect the Holy Valley by leaving at this juncture.

However, Shengguang Xuanye wasn’t around anymore.

The Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief turned his eyes toward where the personnel of the Monstrous Herd Temple was gathered. 

Those from the Monstrous Herd Temple had nervous looks on their faces because their sectmaster had just been taken away by Shengguang Xuanye.

“Lord Clan Chief, is the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster in trouble?” an elder asked the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief nervously. 

“It must be something to do with young friend Chu Feng,” the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Could it be because the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster helped Chu Feng save those two women that day?” the elder asked.

The elder was referring to Chu Lingxi and Gu Minyuan.

The Holy Light Clan had wanted to capture Chu Lingxi and Gu Mingyuan to force Chu Feng to appear. After Chu Feng appeared, the Holy Light Clan had no choice but to release those two due to the eyes on them.

However, fearing that the Holy Light Clan would renege on his promise, he requested the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster to protect Chu Lingxi and Gu Mingyuan. 

It was fortunate that the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster was willing to do him this favor.

Afterward, Xian Miaomiao arrived together with the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, and they took Chu Feng away with them. It was that incident that let everyone know that Chu Feng had the Nine Souls Sacred Clan as his backing. 

The Holy Light Clan no longer dared to provoke Chu Feng anymore, so they chose not to settle the scores with the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster.

However, times were different now. The Holy Light Clan had the Holy Valley to back them now, and Chu Feng had fallen too. It was inevitable that the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster was going to pay the price for daring to go against the Holy Light Clan.

“I can’t think of any other reason. However, the Holy Light Clan is unlikely to go too far. As long as the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster lowers his head, he should be able to remain safe,” the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Hai,” the elder sighed.

Most wouldn’t hesitate to bow to Shengguang Xuanye in order to preserve their life, but the same couldn’t be said about the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster. He was known to be a temperamental person.

It was hard to tell whether the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster would compromise or not, especially if Shengguang Xuanye crossed his bottom line.

“Lord Clan Chief, should we draw the boundary with Chu Feng? Otherwise, I fear that our Yu Heavenly Clan would get implicated as well,” the elder said.

The Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief let out a sigh.

As much as he didn’t want to do that, he knew that he had no other choice. He was too familiar with the means of the Holy Light Clan.

It wasn’t just the Yu Heavenly Clan that was speculating the plight of the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster here. Many present were also discussing the matter too.

All of a sudden, the noisy crowd fell silent.

Shengguang Xuanye had returned.

However, the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief frowned at his presence, and many from the Monstrous Herd Temple even burst into tears out of fright.

There were two guards standing behind Shengguang Xuanye, and they were dragging a person behind them. That person was covered in blood, clearly having been put through cruel torture.

He was none other than the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster.

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