Chapter 4902: Is He Dead?

Chapter 4902: Is He Dead?

“If someone makes a breakthrough in the Holy Light Ancient Formation, it’ll induce a holy light phenomenon. Based on how intense the phenomenon is, we’ll be able to get a glimpse into the intelligence of the person making a breakthrough.

“Intelligence might be only one of the many factors determining a person’s talent, but it’s the most important one. 

“My guess is that Brother Buyu isn’t just handing this opportunity over to Chu Feng. Rather, you want to make use of this opportunity to see if he’s as outstanding as he appears to be?” 

Daoist Niantian looked at Shengguang Buyu with a deep look.

Even though he was an honorary guest elder, he did have a good grasp of how the Holy Valley operated.

“Brother Niantian knows me the best. Even though Chu Feng should have received the same benefits as the other juniors of our Holy Valley, he was able to turn it into an impetus for a breakthrough. I want to know if it’s just a coincidence or if his intelligence truly far surpasses that of our juniors, such that he managed to grasp something beyond our juniors,” Shengguang Buyu said.

Shengguang Menglai, Shengguang Xintian, Shengguang Qianyu, and the others turned their gazes toward the Holy Light Ancient Formation. 

They had all been to the Holy Light Ancient Formation before, and they had all induced holy light phenomena more intense than their peers. That was testament to their superior intellect.

In the official junior ranking, Shengguang Menglai was deemed to be the strongest, followed by, Shnegguang Xintian, Shengguang Qianyu, Shengguang Chuyao, and finally, Shengguang Haoxuan. 

However, this ranking was just limited to the juniors present here. There was someone who was ranked above Shengguang Menglai in the ranking, and that person was the Holy Monarch’s closed-door disciple. 

That person wasn’t a member of the Holy Light Clan, but a series of coincidences led to him obtaining the Holy Light Bloodline. The Holy Monarch brought him into the Holy Valley at a very young age and carefully nurtured him. 

In fact, it could be said that the Holy Monarch devoted even more time to that closed-door disciple than his own daughter, Shengguang Menglai.

For that reason, there were many people who had gripes with that closed-door disciple.

And the name of that closed-door disciple was none other than Shengguang Jin’an.

Even though most people in the Holy Valley weren’t fond of Shengguang Jin’an, none of them could refute Shengguang Jin’an’s talent. This was shown from how Shengguang Jin’an managed to induce an even more intense holy light phenomenon than Shengguang Menglai. 

In fact, the Holy Lotus Tree had once bloomed for Shengguang Jin’an.


Deafening rumbling suddenly echoed from the sky above.

“Did Chu Feng manage to make a breakthrough? That’s too fast!” 

The crowd raised their heads, expecting to see the nine-colored lightning crackling around them. However, what they saw brought frowns to their faces instead. 

“That black aura still isn’t dissipating.”

The blue sky was still blocked off by the black aura that the Holy Lotus Tree emanated earlier. This aura had a peculiar property that disallowed even the strongest of them to peer through it. As a result, they weren’t able to check if the rumbling above was really coming from the nine-colored lightning. 


The rumbles crescendoed, and the earth started to shake.

“It’s the lightning phenomenon. It wouldn’t have caused such a huge commotion otherwise. He really managed to make a breakthrough within such a short period of time!” Daoist Niantian said with certainty.

“He really made a breakthrough?” Shengguang Menglai murmured as she looked at the Holy Light Ancient Formation contemplatively. 


The increasing volume of the thunderous rumble showed that the lightning was swiftly approaching them. It didn’t take long for the entire Holy Valley to be shrouded in nine-colored light.

The crowd scanned their surroundings and saw that the nine-colored lightning had pierced through the black aura like a humongous lightning dragon to strike into the Holy Light Ancient Formation.

“Is this… the phenomenon induced by someone who possesses the Heavenly Bloodline?”

The juniors of the Holy Valley were horrified to see the sheer destructive might of the nine-colored lightning. Most of them had never left the Holy Valley before, so what thye knew about the Heavenly Bloodline mainly came from rumors. Hardly any of them had seen the phenomenon produced by a Heavenly Bloodline cultivator making a breakthrough before. 

“Chu Feng must have practiced the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique. Ordinary lightning phenomena wouldn’t have been this terrifying,” Shengguang Menglai said.

“Miss Menglai is right,” Daoist Niantian replied.

The other juniors nodded in realization.

They knew that the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique was the strongest mysterious technique that someone who possessed the Heavenly Bloodline could learn.

“Elder Niantian, is the lightning phenomenon just for show, or does all Heavenly Bloodline cultivators have to face such immense destructive might straight on?” Shengguang Menglai asked.

In her view, Daoist Niantian was a highly knowledgeable individual who possessed true capabilities. She trusted Daoist Niantian’s judgment on most matters.

“Based on what I know, the cultivator has to face that destructive might straight on. I don’t really know if it’s as dangerous as it appears on the surface, but it’s definitely not something that ordinary lightning tribulations can compare to.

“Cultivators of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique have to face a life-and-death struggle each time they make a breakthrough. If they can pull it through, they’ll be able to advance their cultivation. If they can’t, they’ll be reduced to ashes.

“It’s for that reason that such lightning tribulation is deemed as a ‘Divine Tribulation’,” Daoist Niantian explained. 

“In other words, Chu Feng has to face a life-and-death struggle each time he makes a breakthrough? Doesn’t that mean that he has cornered himself by learning the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique?” Shengguang Xintian asked out of curiosity.

“Yes, those who have chosen this path have sealed off all other paths of retreat. That’s why it’s not too surprising that he has managed to rise to such a height despite his young age,” Daoist Niantian said.

“He’s indeed an extraordinary one,” Shengguang Xintian remarked with a smile as she stared at the Holy Light Ancient Formation in anticipation. 

Shengguang Menglai chose not to say a word, but her eyes were also locked in the direction of where the Holy Light Ancient Formation was. 


Soon, the lightning shrouding the Holy Light Ancient Formation started to fade. There were still some rumbles echoing from the sky, but they were starting to fade.

“Did he manage to make a breakthrough?”

“Why is there no holy light phenomenon?”

“Did Chu Feng fail?”

The crowd from the Holy Valley turned their eyes to the area above the Holy Light Ancient Formation, but the holy light phenomenon they were waiting for refused to appear.

“Not the slightest speck of light at all. Could it be that Chu Feng isn’t a member of our Holy Valley, so he’s unable to induce the holy light phenomenon even if he makes a breakthrough inside the Holy Light Ancient Formation?” Shengguang Qianyu asked.

“No, that can’t be. There has been an outsider who has been in our Holy Light Ancient formation before, and the holy light phenomenon still appeared as per usual,” Shengguang Baimei replied.

“What’s going on here then? Is Chu Feng’s intelligence that low? That doesn’t make sense. If his intelligence is that low, there’s no way his cultivation could have grown that quickly.”

Shengguang Qianyu lowered his head contemplatively, hoping to figure out the truth. 

Everyone present felt the same way too.

“Could it be that he has failed his breakthrough and died there?” Shengguang Qianyu asked. 

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