Chapter 4898: What’s Going On?

Chapter 4898: What’s Going On?

“Chu Feng, something is wrong here.”

Even Yu Sha could also sense that something was amiss.

“Yes, something is indeed wrong here.”

Chu Feng thought the same too.

Even if the Holy Valley wanted to protect Shengguang Menglai and the other juniors, it didn’t make sense for them to go this far. He had personally interacted with Shengguang Baimei and had a rough sense of what kind of person the latter was like. Shengguang Baimei was the type who would never lower his head unless absolutely necessary.

Chu Feng did have some leverage to negotiate with the Holy Valley now, but the truth was that his life was still in the Holy Valley’s hands. If anyone was in greater danger here, the person was definitely Chu Feng.

It didn’t make sense for Shengguang Baimei to go this far.

Even if Shengguang Menglai was of exceptional standing and he was desperate to protect her, they could always talk things out first. There was no need for Shengguang Baimei to lower himself this much.

It was almost as if Shengguang Baimei had forsaken his own dignity.

“It has been a while, young friend Chu Feng. I didn’t expect to meet you in our Holy Valley. Speaking of which, I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. I am Shengguang Shishen, and this is my disciple. You have also met him before,” Shengguang Shishen suddenly interjected in.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I am Shengguang Qianyu. It looks like I’m no longer a match for you now.” 

Shengguang Qianyu could sense Chu Feng’s cultivation from the martial power he had emanated, and he spoke with an embarrassed smile.

Chu Feng was no more than an ant before him back then, but he had grown so powerful as to even be able to suppress Shengguang Menglai. Clearly, he wasn’t a match for Chu Feng anymore.

The thought of how the two of them had swapped positions all of a sudden left him feeling a little wistful.

One had to know that he had always prided himself as a prodigy, even amongst the talented cultivators of the Holy Valley. But now that he was standing before Chu Feng, he felt that he was hardly worthy of being considered as a prodigy at all. 

“Who could have thought that we would meet under such circumstances? Elder, I hope that you won’t blame me for this. It’s not that I bear ill-will toward your Holy Valley, but there’s someone in your Holy Valley that’s out to take my life,” Chu Feng shot a glance at Shengguang Baimei as he spoke.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I’m already aware of the matter. It’s all a huge misunderstanding. Shengguang Baimei knows his mistake now and has earnestly apologized to you. I’ll also give you my word that our Holy Valley will view you as our friend from now on, and no one will ever lay their hands on you ever again. Would you be so magnanimous as to let this matter go this once?” Shengguang Shishen said.

“Elder, I’m afraid that I can’t just take your words at face value. I don’t know if you’ll change your minds the moment I let them go.”

Chu Feng thought that the Holy Valley was treating him courteously only because of the hostages he had in his hands. 

“Young friend Chu Feng, it’s really all a misunderstanding. If you don’t trust us yet, you’re free to continue holding them hostage until we’ve proven ourselves worthy of your trust,” Shengguang Shishen said.

“That works with me. I’ll also give you my word that I won’t hurt any of your juniors unless any of you attempts to harm me.”

Chu Feng had no intention of letting Shengguang Menglai and the others go even with Shengguang Shishen mediating between them. He knew that Shengguang Menglai and the others were his own chips to negotiate with the Holy Valley, so he wouldn’t let them go unless he was absolutely certain of his own safety. 

It would be foolish to give away his trump card that easily.

“Brother Niantian, stop hiding and come out,” Shengguang Buyu suddenly shouted loudly.

A familiar voice sounded from the sky right away.

“Chu Feng, it’s alright now.”

A figure suddenly appeared in the midst of the sky. He wasn’t a member of the Holy Valley, but he had the right to freely enter its premises. He was no other than Daoist Niantian.

“Elder Niantian?”

Chu Feng was overjoyed to see Daoist Niantian. Considering how the latter had helped him previously, he felt more assured with the latter here. 

Daoist Niantian waved his sleeves grandly, and a powerful surge of spirit power rippled outward. The next moment, numerous figures appeared in the sky.

They were mainly members of the Dragon Clan, including the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Long Xiaoxiao and her mother, and many more. 

“Chu Feng.”

Long Xiaoxiao was horrified to see Chu Feng. She could tell with a glance that he was in a bad situation. However, when her eyes fell upon Shengguang Baimei, her nervousness faded into a peculiar expression.

Her reaction could already be considered subtle.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others couldn’t hide their stupefied expressions at all.

Shengguang Baimei had previously shown his prowess back at the Holy Light Clan. Everyone was aware that he was a formidable figure that towered above even the Holy Light Clan. 

Yet, this formidable figure was actually kneeling on the ground, and the person he was kneeling to was no other than Chu Feng.

Such a powerful figure was actually kneeling to Chu Feng!

Regardless of the reason, this was definitely something to be shocked about.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, don’t panic. Young friend Chu Feng merely has some misunderstandings with the Holy Valley. The misunderstandings have already been dispelled,” Daoist Niantian said.

He turned to Shengguang Buyu and sought confirmation, “Brother Buyu, am I right?”

“Yes, it’s indeed all a misunderstanding. Young friend Chu Feng, I hope that you won’t hold it against us,” Shengguang Buyu nodded in agreement.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others glanced at one another with incredulous looks on their faces.

What was going on? Was the seemingly almighty Holy Valley lowering its head to Chu Feng?

Meanwhile, Chu Feng turned his gaze toward Daoist Niantian and asked, “Elder Niantian, are you saying that my safety will be guaranteed even if I let them go?”

“Of course,” Daoist Niantian replied with a nod.

“I, Chu Feng, don’t trust the Holy Valley, but I trust Elder Niantian. Since Elder Niantian has already said so, I’ll let them go.”

Chu Feng severed the martial power ropes binding the Holy Valley’s juniors.


Shengguang Menglai and the others were set free without any injuries, but Chu Feng spurted a mouthful of blood. He wiped his blood off as if it was no big deal at all, but his weakened aura showed that he had sustained considerable injuries. Nevertheless, there wasn’t the slightest frown on his face. 

The crowd from the Holy Valley looked conflicted upon seeing this.

They knew why Chu Feng had sustained injuries from severing the martial power ropes. Without a doubt, the martial power ropes must have been linked to Chu Feng’s soul.

Had they attempted to kill Chu Feng earlier, none of the juniors from the Holy Valley would have been able to survive the ordeal. They would all die together with Chu Feng.

It was not easy to pull off such means. It was extremely demanding on one’s control over martial power. 

Even those from the older generation would struggle to link their martial power to their soul, but Chu Feng was actually able to do it. 

This made them realize that Chu Feng was no ordinary individual.

This reality was further reinforced when they saw how the prodigies that they had great pride in were utterly suppressed by Chu Feng. Such comparison left them feeling defeated.

There was such a huge gap between their most talented prodigy and Chu Feng.

“Young hero Chu Feng, thank you for your magnanimity. Please accept my kowtow of gratitude!”

Shengguang Baimei lowered his head and kowtowed to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was left with no choice but to believe that the Holy Valley was sincere about reconciling with him. He had no more leverage over the Holy Valley anymore, but Shengguang Baimei still maintained his humble attitude to him.

He shot a glance at the surroundings as a question popped into his mind

What’s going on here?

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