Chapter 4897: Something is Very Wrong

Chapter 4897: Something is Very Wrong

“Damn it!!!”

Indignance could be seen on Shengguang Menglai’s face.

“Brother Chu Feng, please don’t harm Shengguang Menglai. I’m begging you!”

Putong! Shengguang Chuyao kneeled on the ground and pleaded for Shengguang Menglai’s mercy.

“Brother Chuyao, I have a high opinion of you. I understand that you have your own stance, but that Baimei old man is the one who wants to kill me now. I need to have some chips on my hand if I wish to survive this ordeal. You were the ones who forced me into this position, so don’t blame me for doing this.

“If he really cares about you, you’ll be able to ensure my safety. If he insists on killing me, the lot of you will have no choice but to accompany me on my way,” Chu Feng said before releasing a powerful burst of oppressive might.

He suppressed not just Shengguang Menglai but everyone present. Even Shengguang Xintian and Shengguang Chuyao were included in the mix too.

Following that, he manifested a martial power lock and bound all of the juniors present. After doing all of this, he sat cross-legged on the ground and waited patiently for the spirit formation gate to be opened.

He knew that he would be faced with the overwhelming killing intent of the Holy Valley once the gate opened, but he wasn’t too worried with the chips he had on hand.

He knew that the reason why the Holy Valley wanted to kill him was because they thought that he had slighted their reputation and wanted to uphold their honor, but ultimately, there was no compelling reason why they wanted his death. 

He was confident that the Holy Valley would back down when the safety of the Holy Valley’s juniors were at stake. They couldn’t possibly sacrifice all of their talents in the current generation just to take his life, or else they would be giving up on the Holy Valley’s future.

For that reason, Chu Feng was confident that he would be able to leave the Holy Valley safely.


Meanwhile, outside the cultivation realm, Shengguang Baimei, Shengguang Shishen, Shengguang Buyu, and the experts of the Holy Valley were staring at the Holy Lotus Tree intently. 

Some changes had occurred to the Holy Lotus Tree. A spirit formation gate had appeared in the middle of the tree, and all of its flowers had closed up. 

A domineering black flame had risen in their place and shot toward the blue sky. It was so great that it spread outward and covered up the entire sky. 

The black flame would always appear whenever the cultivation realm inside the Holy Lotus Tree was about to end, but it would usually manifest in just a small black cloud above the Holy Lotus Tree. This was the first time such a huge phenomenon had occurred.

However, the crowd of the Holy Valley was in no state to think deeper into the phenomenon. They were feeling too nervous for that, shown by their ghastly white faces and pale lips. None of them spoke a word at all, causing an unnerving silence to settle into the surroundings.

They stared intently at the spirit formation gate of the Holy Lotus Tree, hoping that a miracle would happen. They prayed with their dear hearts that Chu Feng would be able to walk out alive.

If something were to really happen to Chu Feng, it wasn’t just Shengguang Baimei who would take the fall. Their entire Holy Valley could very well face the threat of eradication.


Finally, the spirit formation gate of the Holy Lotus Tree started to open. 

The crowd from the Holy Valley stared intently at the Holy Lotus Tree with bated breath, not daring to even breathe loudly. Even someone as rowdy as Shengguang Shishen couldn’t help but feel tense. He further tightened his grip on something he was holding in his right hand. 


The spirit formation gate fully opened.


A figure flew out right away. 

“That is…?”

The crowd from the Holy Valley widened their eyes in horror.

That person was in a miserable state. His face had been completely disfigured, but from his dress-up and physique, the crowd was still able to tell who he was.

One of the top prodigies of the Holy Valley’s younger generation, Shengguang Haoxuan.

“Young master Haoxuan!”

The crowd from the Holy Valley quickly rushed forward to treat Shengguang Haoxuan.

However, Shengguang Shishen and the others were in no mood to treat Shengguang Haoxuan. They turned their eyes back to the spirit formation gate of the Holy Lotus Tree, knowing that the true show had yet to come.

Two beautiful figures walked out of the spirit formation gate right after. They were Shengguang Xintian and Shengguang Menglai.

However, there was a martial power rope binding their bodies, suppressing their cultivation.

“Old man Baimei, you better not do anything reckless if you want to keep your granddaughter safe and sound. All it takes is a thought from me to obliterate their souls,” a voice echoed from the spirit formation gate.

It was a threat, but ironically, the crowd from the Holy Valley was delighted to hear it. Some of them even cheered in delight. They could already tell that the voice belonged to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was still alive!

“Young hero Chu Feng, rest assured. No one will harm you here. No one will dare to even touch a single strand of your hair here!” Shengguang Baimei quickly spoke up.

It was then that Chu Feng finally walked out of the spirit formation gate. He was holding onto two martial power ropes with his hands. One extended in front toward Shengguang Menglai and Shengguang Xintian and the other extended behind to Shengguang Chuyao and the other juniors of the Holy Valley.

Chu Feng first warily scanned the surroundings. If anyone were to dare to pull anything, he wouldn’t hesitate to exert his martial power and kill off all of the juniors in his grasp.

However, he soon noticed something that made him widen his eyes in astonishment. There were two familiar faces amongst the crowd, Shengguang Shishen and his disciple.

They were the first two people he had met from the Holy Valley. He could still vividly recall the overwhelming pressure he felt from their presence back then. 

“Young hero Chu Feng, I have done you wrong. I was blind. Please give me a chance to make amends,” Shengguang Baimei suddenly spoke up.

He even kneeled onto the floor right after and kowtowed to Chu Feng.

This sight surprised Chu Feng. He didn’t expect Shengguang Baimei to react in such a manner.

So, Chu Feng turned to Shengguang Menglai and Shengguang Xintian, thinking that their lives were worth more than he had expected. He thought that Shengguang Baimei was doing this because he wanted to protect the two young misses of the Holy Valley.

Little did he know that Shengguang Menglai and Shengguang Xintian were also equally shocked by Shengguang Baimei’s actions too. They had known that the Holy Valley wouldn’t dare to act recklessly after they had been taken hostage by Chu Feng, but this seemed a little overboard.

One had to know that this was Shengguang Baimei they were talking about!

There was no one here who didn’t know his personality well. Other than the Holy Monarch, that old man had never kneeled to anyone else before.

They couldn’t understand why he was kneeling to Chu Feng right now. Was it really just to protect Shengguang Menglai and Shengguang Xintian?

But something even shocking happened right after

Shengguang Baimei suddenly raised his hands, and two resounding thuds echoed. He had actually slapped himself twice!

“Young hero Chu Feng, I was foolish! Please forgive this old man!” 

Shengguang Baimei proceeded to kowtow to Chu Feng thrice right after.

“This… Isn’t something very wrong here?”

Shengguang Xintian glanced at Shengguang Menglai questioningly.

Even as Shengguang Baimei’s granddaughter, she couldn’t imagine her grandfather lowering his pride this far for her sake. Something was clearly very wrong here. 

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