Chapter 4892: Who Do You Think I, Chu Feng, Am? (Teaser)

Chapter 4892: Who Do You Think I, Chu Feng, Am?

“Chu Feng, you’re asking for it!”

Shengguang Haoxuan leaped toward Chu Feng with a ferocious look on his face. His oppressive might crushed down on the surroundings with terrifying force. 


A loud explosion sounded, causing the palace to tremble.

However, Chu Feng didn’t get injured. Shengguang Haoxuan’s attack didn’t even reach him. Instead, another force had rushed out from the crowd to collide with Shengguang Haoxuan’s oppressive might, causing the two forces to neutralize each other.

“Why did you stop me?”

Shengguang Haoxuan glared at Shengguang Chuyao furiously.

He knew that the one who had stopped his attack earlier was no other...

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