Chapter 4888: A Chance (Teaser)

Chapter 4888: A Chance

Shengguang Xintian’s Exalted Armament pink sword lunged straight toward Chu Feng. Even before it could get close, one could already feel its incredible pressure and killing intent.

This wasn’t just a scare. She really intended to end Chu Feng’s life here.

In truth, there was no deep-seated grudge between her and Chu Feng. All the latter did was to throw her into the fecal lake, and the fecal lake was beneficial toward her despite its horrible stench. 

It went against her will, but she didn’t suffer any losses. Instead, she benefited from the encounter.

But even so, she still wanted to kill Chu Feng.

This was her arrogance as a young miss of the Holy Valley. No one could get away scot-free...

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