Chapter 4876: The Origin of the HolyValley

Chapter 4876: The Origin of the Holy Valley

“Niantian, it’s one thing if you look down on me, but to think that you would look down on the Holy Valley as well! I really don’t know what Chu Feng gave you for you to speak up for him like that. At this rate, you should be worrying about not just your honorary elder title but your life as well!” Shengguang Xuanye threatened.

It was just that he didn’t receive any replies anymore. Daoist Niantian seemed to have left for real this time around. 

Shengguang Xuanye used his sensing ability to search for Daoist Niantian’s whereabouts, but he wasn’t able to find anything. He, too, knew that Daoist Niantian was a man with capabilities, and the latter was indeed affiliated with the Holy Valley. Even if he managed to capture Daoist Niantian by some chance, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the latter.

The only ones who could lay their hands on Daoist Niantian were the Holy Valley themselves.

So, he decided not to pursue Daoist Niantian anymore.

He suppressed his anger and turned his sights to the crowd present. By now, the crowd was already looking at Shengguang Xuanye.

None of them were saying anything, but their curious looks made it apparent that they wanted to know the truth.

“Everyone, I know that you have doubts in your mind, such as what the Holy Valley was and why our Holy Light Clan is so respectful toward them. I shall unveil the answers today!”

Those words piqued the crowd’s interest. They pricked up their ears, fearful that they might lose some important piece of information here. 

“The world thinks that our Holy Light Galaxy is the weakest one of the nine galaxies. Even our neighboring Nine Souls Galaxy looks down on us. However, what they don’t know is that they have only been seeing the tip of the iceberg. Our Holy Light Clan isn’t as simple as what they see.

“It was through trampling over mountains of corpses and seas of blood that our Holy Light Clan managed to rise to its current position. It’s through absolute strength that we were able to exert our dominance. It’s just that many of our elders are exhausted after years of bloodshed, so they chose to go into seclusion. The place where they have gone into seclusion is known as the Holy Valley.

“As time passed, the Holy Valley became a favored location for our secluded elders to stay in. The descendants of those elders also gradually grew to be fond of the Holy Valley and view it as their home. However, the Holy Valley continues to be connected to our Holy Light Clan,” Shengguang Xuanye said.

“Does that mean that the Holy Valley is also a part of the Holy Light Clan?”

The crowd widened their eyes in realization. They finally understood why Shengguang Xuanye was so respectful to the crowd from the Holy Valley, as well as why the white-browed elder from the Holy Valley chose to protect Shengguang Xuanye.

Despite their different organizations, those from the Holy Valley could be said to be members of the Holy Light Clan. 

At the very least, their ancestors were from the Holy Light Clan, which meant that the blood flowing through their veins belonged to the Holy Light Clan too. 

“Just as you’ve thought, the Holy Valley and our Holy Light Clan share the same bloodline. It’s my incompetence that led to the gradual decline of our Holy Light Clan, but fortunately, the lords of the Holy Valley managed to preserve the true prowess of our Holy Light Clan. 

“Now that the Holy Valley has finally come out of seclusion, our Holy Light Clan is going to shine brighter than any other galaxies. Just wait. Soon, the Nine Souls Galaxy won’t dare to look down on us anymore. Our Holy Light Clan is going to show our true prowess from now onward!” Shengguang Xuanye declared with glowing eyes.

It was clear that he bore great expectations for the future.

As the Holy Light Clan’s Clan Chief, how could he possibly not know what the Holy Light Clan amounted to in the eyes of the Nine Souls Galaxy? He was frustrated by the weakness of the Holy Light Clan too.

However, it was time to get back at the Nine Souls Galaxy. He had waited for this day for a very long time.

“All hail Lord Clan Chief! All hail the Holy Light Clan!”

“Long live Lord Clan Chief! Long live the Holy Light Clan!”

The powers quickly got to their knees to display their subservience to the Holy Light Clan. At this point, it had already become clear that the current Holy Light Clan was not something they could mess with.

With the Holy Valley joining the picture as well, only a fool would dare to make an enemy out of the Holy Light Clan. This was their best opportunity to make their stance clear. 

Regardless of the grudges they held against the Holy Light Clan, they had no choice but to bow down to the absolute difference in power.

Putting aside the other powers, even the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, and the others kneeled down to the ground to pay respects to Shengguang Xuanye too.

“Everyone, I am no more than a small fry in the Holy Light Clan. It’s thanks to the trust of the lords of the Holy Valley that I was able to rule the Holy Light Galaxy up till now. Soon, the lords of the Holy Valley will emerge from their seclusion. I’ll have to ask you to wait here patiently for the time being so that I introduce them to you. 

“They are the ones who will bring our Holy Light Clan to greater heights!” Shengguang Xuanye proclaimed loudly.

His intention was made clear here. He was ordering everyone to remain in the vicinity so as to welcome the return of the Holy Valley. 

While the crowd despised the Holy Light Clan for all of its despicable deeds, they still harbored great expectations after hearing of the Holy Valley’s strength. No matter what, they were still cultivators of the Holy Light Galaxy, so they hoped that it could become stronger and more respected in the world of cultivation.

With the Holy Valley backing them up now, perhaps they might be able to straighten their backs more.

Besides, if the lords from the Holy Valley were reasonable and just leaders, their lives might become much better than before.

It was only the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, and a few others who showed hints of worry after trading glances with one another. 

It had already worried them greatly when they saw Chu Feng standing against Shengguang Xuanye, but now, the Holy Valley was in the picture too. There was no way they could set their minds at ease.

None of them knew how powerful the Holy Valley was at the moment, but there was no doubt that its prowess far surpassed any of them. Perhaps, it might even be on par with the Nine Souls Sacred Clan too.

At least that was how Shengguang Xuanye was describing them out to be.


Meanwhile, the white-browed elder brought Chu Feng into a special palace filled with formations. At the center of the palace was a crystalline bed where the powers of the formations converged at.

It was an extremely powerful recovery method. 

The white-browed elder placed the unconscious Chu Feng on top of that bed.

Slowly, Chu Feng’s complexion appeared to be improving, but he showed no signs of awakening. 

The white-browed elder continued watching over him from the bedside. He was accompanied by a few other elders dressed in the robes of the Holy Valley.

“Lord Baimei, did this fellow really defeat Shengguang Xuanye?” one of them asked.

“If I wasn’t present, Shengguang Xuanye would have been dead by now,” the white-browed elder replied.

“But he’s only at rank two Martial Exalted level cultivator!” 

The elders of the Holy Valley were appalled.

“That’s why we have to save this brat no matter what it takes. The skills he knows of aren’t to be underestimated. If we can obtain them, we’ll be able to raise our prowess up a notch,” the white-browed elder said.

“Lord Baimei, Shengguang Xuanye might be no more than a small fry, but he’s still a member of our Holy Light Clan, sharing the same bloodline as us. This fellow dared challenge and undermine our Holy Light Clan. No matter what, we can’t let him off the hook, right?” the elders asked.

“Of course not. His life will come to an end the moment we obtain his secrets,” the white-browed elder replied.

The elders of the Holy Valley heaved a sigh of relief. They still felt a shared sense of glory with the Holy Light Clan. No matter who was right or wrong here, they couldn’t allow someone who dared sully their Holy Light Clan to get away scot-free.

“Lord Baimei, this fellow mustn’t be killed.”

A figure suddenly appeared at the doorway.

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