Chapter 4873: Chu Feng Makes a Move

Chapter 4873: Chu Feng Makes a Move

The token Daoist Niantian was holding contained the words ‘Holy Valley’.

Most of the crowd present were confused by the token. Even those from the Holy Light Clan didn’t recognize it either.

However, the faces of Shengguang Xuanye and the other grand elders of the Holy Light Clan turned grave upon seeing it.

Holy Valley?”

Chu Feng widened his eyes in astonishment.

He had met two powerful individuals from the Holy Valley back at the Nine Souls Galaxy, at the Whitesky Star River. One of them was an elder and the other was a young man.

The young man was at rank one Martial Exalted level, a prodigy whom Chu Feng couldn’t hope to defeat back then, and the old man was a completely unfathomable existence. In his view, the old man was likely to be even stronger than Shengguang Xuanye.

Both the old man and young man were wearing identical robes that had the words ‘Holy Valley’ embroidered on them, and they had tokens on their waists that reflected those words too.

There were some differences in their tokens and the one Daoist Niantian was holding, but the words were identical.

“Could it be that Daoist Niantian is from the Holy Valley too?” Chu Feng murmured to himself.

“An honorary elder token of the Holy Valley? Why are you standing against me if you’re affiliated with the Holy Valley?” 

Shengguang Xuanye was horrified at first, but he soon noticed that the token was a mere honorary elder token, causing his fear to slowly vanish.

It was clear that he did know a thing or two about the Holy Valley, or else he wouldn’t have recognized the token. On top of that, it seemed like he was on good terms with the Holy Valley based on his response.

This made Chu Feng feel a little uneasy.

If Shengguang Xuanye really had the Holy Valley’s backing, it would be hard for Chu Feng to deal with him. 

“As I’ve said, I’m not here to help Chu Feng. The two of you can fight if you want to; don’t get me involved in your affairs.”

Daoist Niantian put away his token before turning to Chu Feng.

‘Young friend Chu Feng, I did what I did because I was unable to stand their hypocritical actions. Since you have decided to charge here all alone, I trust that you have already made ample preparations. 

“You might be a junior, but you’re a man as well. You should be responsible for your own words and actions. I won’t offer you any help in your fight against the Holy Light Clan. Life or death, it’s all up to you,” Daoist Niantian said. 

“I understand, elder. We’ll talk at a later date. For now… I’m going to deal with the trash of the Holy Light Clan.”

A smile emerged on Chu Feng’s lips as he swung the sword in his hand.



There were two spurts of fresh blood. Shengguang Haifu and Shengguang Yunyue’s heads had been lopped off.

Everything had happened too quickly.

By the time the crowd finally understood what was going on, the two grand elders of the Holy Light clan had already lost their lives to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, h-how did he… Could this mean that he isn’t just at rank one Martial Exalted level?”

Both the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster and Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief were shocked. They were both rank three Martial Exalted level cultivators, but they actually failed to see Chu Feng make his move.

This could only mean that Chu Feng was currently stronger than them.

“Chu Feng, I’ll take your wretched life!”

Overwhelming killing intent suddenly enveloped the land. It was from Shengguang Xuanye.

Chu Feng’s act of beheading two grand elders of the Holy Light Clan in his face was a show of utter disrespect. His face warped terrifyingly out of anger, but what was the most frightening of all was his oppressive might.

Rank six Martial Exalted level. That was how strong Shengguang Xuanye was.

“Shengguang Xuanye managed to advance his cultivation to rank six Martial Exalted level?! How is young friend Chu Feng going to deal with that?”

The Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster and the others were worried.

It was around two hundred years that they last saw Shengguang Xuanye make a move. Back then, he was still at rank five Martial Exalted level.

Given Shengguang Xuanye’s talent, it should have taken him thousands of years before he made another breakthrough, but who could have thought that he managed to overcome his limits within two hundred years.

This put Chu Feng in a bad position.

They knew that Chu Feng wouldn’t pick a fight that he couldn’t win. He must have already looked into Shengguang Xuanye’s information beforehand and made preparations accordingly.

However, Shengguang Xuanye’s cultivation had surpassed everyone’s expectations, and this error in intelligence could prove to be fatal for Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, how do you wish to die?”

Shengguang Xuanye spat as he trod across the air toward Chu Feng a step at a time. He looked like a ferocious lion tiger that had already locked onto his prey.

He wasn’t afraid of Chu Feng escaping at all. In his view, there was no way Chu Feng could escape from his grasp.

“Formidable! So this is the strength of the Holy Light Clan’s Clan Chief, Shengguang Xuanye!”

As compared to the older and more powerful cultivators, most of the juniors weren’t able to tell how powerful Shengguang Xuanye was. They could only sense that Shengguang Xuanye’s aura was stronger than anything they had ever felt. 

In their eyes, Shengguang Xuanye was almost like a deity, wielding the strength to kill anyone that dared stand in his way. It made them feel as insignificant as the dirt on the ground.

“Is Chu Feng really confident about going up against Shengguang Xuanye?”

Putting aside the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster and the others, everyone present was looking at Chu Feng with eyes filled with doubt. If Chu Feng was just putting on a brave front here, he was going to suffer dearly for his bravado. 

It was clear that Shengguang Xuanye was enraged and wouldn’t let Chu Feng go.

It didn’t seem possible for Chu Feng to really have the strength to live up to his words. He was simply far too young. Put in the huge world of cultivation, it was no exaggeration to say that he was nothing more than a toddler. 

It was already inconceivable that he could reach Martial Exalted level at his age, and everyone had to acknowledge his talent. It was just that… he was ultimately still too young. 


In face of Shengguang Xuanye’s provocation and everyone’s skepticism, Chu Feng let out a chuckle. The next moment, a vicious glint flashed across his eyes.

“First Slash, Heavenly Lightning Appearance!!!”

A bellow suddenly sounded from Chu Feng, and the Immemorial Hero’s Sword in his grasp moved in an arc across the air. 


A lightning blade was bolting toward Shengguang Xuanye at an incredible speed.

Everything was happening so fast that by the time Shengguang Xuanye finally realized what was going on, the lightning blade had already landed on his body.


And by the time the crowd finally realized what was going on, Shengguang Xuanye had already let out a guttural cry. A bundle of lightning had coiled around his body like an army of soldiers, assaulting him.

“Lord Clan Chief!”

The experts of the Holy Light Clan quickly dashed forward to save Shengguang Xuanye.

Bzzt bzzt bzzt!

But those who dared to approach the lightning were vaporized in the blink of an eye.

“That is…?”

At this point, no one dared to carelessly approach Shengguang Xuanye anymore. The crowd also stared at the lightning assaulting Shengguang Xuanye in horror. 

It was only at this point that they understood why Chu Feng dared to challenge Shengguang Xuanye all alone. He had managed to grasp power that even Shengguang Xuanye couldn’t rival!

“Heavens! Chu Feng actually possesses such strength?”

Be it the juniors or the elders, everyone looked at Chu Feng with eyes filled with respect. Many were dumbstruck at the sheer strength he had displayed that they were unable to snap out of their daze.

One had to know that Chu Feng was a junior, one who hadn’t even reached a hundred years of age yet.

But he managed to stand against someone as powerful as Shengguang Xuanye.

It would be hard to find anyone who could match this monstrous talent even if one were to search through the massive world of cultivation!

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