Chapter 4870: Little Demon Lord (Teaser)

Chapter 4870: Little Demon Lord

“Shengguang Xuanye, aren’t you overestimating yourself here? Do you think that I would need the help of others to deal with a mere Holy Light Clan? I’m more than sufficient!” Chu Feng sneered coldly.

“Audacious, Chu Feng!”

Shengguang Xuanye didn’t say a word, but the others from the Holy Light Clan couldn’t tolerate seeing a junior speak to their clan chief in such a manner. All sorts of criticisms poured out from them; some released their oppressive might while others prepared their martial skills.

Yet, no one actually dared to make a move. 

It looked like they were just all bark and no bite. It felt ludicrous to see this coming from the Holy Light Clan.

“I, Chu Feng, am not scared of being maligned, but I’m not so foolish as to admit to things that I’ve not done. So, I’d like to clarify in advance....

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