Chapter 4869: Backing?

Chapter 4869: Backing?


Many faces in the crowd reddened. Most of the young women turned their heads away, not daring to look on.

Something unthinkable was occurring inside the carriage. 

“Those bastards! How dare they do something so unseemly in our Holy Light Clan?!”

After a short moment of daze, the members of the Holy Light Clan began marching over, intending to make a move on the duo inside the carriage.

“Are you blind? Take a closer look as to who is inside!”

A dissonant voice suddenly sounded from the main city. The crowd turned their eyes over and saw that it was a junior from the Holy Light Sect.

Shengguang Jin’an.

Everyone thought that this unseemly act was orchestrated by a troublemaker to humiliate the Holy Light Clan. Blinded by their rage, they didn’t pay heed to the details. Not to mention, the duo in the carriage was covered in so many injuries that it was hard to make out their identities without taking a close look.

However, Shengguang Jin’an’s words made them realize that there was more than meets the eye here, so they quickly took a closer look.

“Dear lord, that surely can’t be…”

The members of the Holy Light Clan were stunned yet again. The looks on their faces showed utter horror and disbelief.

To their astonishment, the duo committing the unthinkable inside the carriage was actually familiar faces to them. They resembled the grand elders of the Holy Light Clan!

But how could someone as lofty as their grand elders do something like this in public?

They would rather doubt their own eyes or suspect that someone was impersonating their grand elders to besmirch the Holy Light Clan’s reputation than to believe what they were seeing.

So, the Holy Light Clan dispatched several experts toward the carriage to take a closer look.

“It really is our grand elders!”

“Lord Grand Elders, why would…” 

They were indeed Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu, but such an outcome was unacceptable to the Holy Light Clan.

They could still at least uphold their dignity if someone else was impersonating the two of them, but it was really their grand elders who were doing such a thing in public. What would people think of their Holy Light Clan once word spread?

Of course, they knew that there had to be a reason behind this, so they quickly took a closer look. Soon, they realized what was amiss here.

“Lord Clan Chief, there’s a formation cast on Lord Grand Elders. Someone is controlling their bodies!”

The clan members first reported their findings to Shengguang Xuanye before hurriedly removing the formations on them. 

They had to make it clear that someone else was behind this, or else their Holy Light Clan would be made a laughingstock.

Once the formation was removed, Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu were finally able to speak.

“Lord Grand Elders, who is the culprit who did such a thing to you?” a member of the Holy Light Clan asked.

However, neither Shengguang Yunyue nor Shengguang Haifu was in any mood to answer his question.

“Q-quick, bring us back! Bring us to Lord Clan Chief’s side!”

Fear could be seen on Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu’s faces.

The members of the Holy Light Clan dared not to dawdle upon hearing the grand elders’ words. They quickly supported them to their feet to take them away. 

Meanwhile, the crowd watched the sight in a daze, taken aback by what they had just heard.

How in the world did experts as powerful as Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu end up getting controlled by someone else?


A scream of agony suddenly sounded.

The clan members who were supporting Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu had been jolted aside by a powerful force, but the culprit was one of the clan members of the marriage procession. 

The clan member had an ordinary appearance, but he managed to hold Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu hostage and place them beneath his feet.

“W-who is that?”

The crowd stared at the clan member with an intent gaze.

Clearly, he was the culprit who placed the formations on Shengguang Yunyue and Shengguang Haifu to control their bodies.

“Shengguang Xuanye, I should have known that a person as shameless as you would surely try to frame me!”

The clan member spoke up as his appearance began morphing. 

The crowd was stunned to see the true face of the clan member, but at the same time, it was somewhat expected too.

“Chu Feng?!?!”

Many people shouted the name simultaneously.

The army of the Holy Light Clan drew their swords and surrounded Chu Feng and the crowd from the Dragon Clan.

“Lord Clan Chief, what’s going on?”

The elders of the Dragon Clan questioned the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief with livid faces.

“Silence! Don’t speak a word,” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief ordered.

In this situation, the only one in the Dragon Clan who remained calm ended up being just the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief despite being the one who had always feared the Holy Light Clan.

He had thought of the possibility that Chu Feng would try to go head-on against the Holy Light Clan, but he shrugged it off thinking that the chances were slim. However, in the off-chance that Chu Feng really did so, it only meant that he had the strength to go against Shengguang Xuanye.

He knew that Chu Feng wouldn’t do things that he wasn’t confident of.

So, when Chu Feng chose to take a frontal approach against the Holy Light Clan, he was no longer that fearful anymore.

If given a choice, he would rather see Chu Feng defeat the Holy Light Clan. At least Chu Feng was still favorable toward the Dragon Clan due to his relationship with Long Xiaoxiao, but the same couldn’t be said about the Holy Light Clan.

He knew that the Holy Light Clan was just toying with them.

“Chu Feng, I’ve really underestimated you. It looks like your helpers aren’t just limited to the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. Since you’re here, why don’t you show yourself? Let me see who is the one who dares to help Chu Feng go against us!” 

Shengguang Xuanye was able to compose himself swiftly and rationally analyze the situation.

From the fact that Shengguang Haifu and Shengguang Yunyue had been captured, he was able to figure that Long Xiaoxiao and her mother had already been saved. Clearly, it was impossible for a junior like Chu Feng to pull it off on his own, so he deduced that there was someone else backing Chu Feng.

“Backing? Yes, that’s right. A prodigy like Chu Feng must have an expert backing him!”

“But who could it be?”

Shengguang Xuanye enlightened the crowd. It made perfect sense that Chu Feng wouldn’t dare to go against the whole Holy Light Clan alone. There had to be someone backing him.

The crowd looked around, trying to find Chu Feng’s backing, but their actions were only met with a scoff from Chu Feng.

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