Chapter 4861: So This Is a Prodigy? (Teaser)

Chapter 4861: So This Is a Prodigy?

Back then, when Shengguang Xuanye entered an ancient remnant, he obtained a few ancient treasures and learned two ancient formations.

These two formations were related to cultivation, and those ancient treasures were required to construct them.

One was a malevolent formation that converted a cultivator’s bloodline into a cultivation resource. Shengguang Xuanye was preparing it to use on Long Xiaoxiao. 

The other one was a cultivation formation used to enhance one’s intelligence, thus refining one’s control over martial skills. 

This cultivation formation was much more complicated than the malevolent assimilation formation. It needed to be catalyzed by the ancient treasure and a huge amount of special liquid known as Condensed Divine Dew. 

Condensed Divine Dew wasn’t something...

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