Chapter 4857: The Disappeared Undying Starfield (Teaser)

Chapter 4857: The Disappeared Undying Starfield

“You are really…”

Chu Feng had no idea what to say to Long Xiaoxiao, but he was fond of how obedient she was. He still didn’t harbor affection for her, but her standing in his heart had started undergoing some changes.

He brought Long Xiaoxiao to an ancient teleportation formation. He was intending to bring her to a place that was still in the Holy Light Galaxy but wasn’t part of the Holy Light Clan’s territory—an Ordinary Realm in the Undying Starfield known as Flowersea Ordinary Realm.

Back when Chu Feng was in the Reincarnation Upper Realm, he found out that an extremely formidable figure had once risen from the All-heaven...

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