Chapter 4799: Rank One Martial Exalted

Chapter 4799: Rank One Martial Exalted


The terrifying nine-colored lightning soon fell from the sky and smashed a certain location in the Yinyang Withered Well Realm.

“It really is a lightning tribulation! Is it Chu Feng? Did he manage to make a breakthrough again? Goddamnit, did he manage to obtain his fortuitous encounter?”

Zuoqiu Yanliang’s complexion turned incredibly awful. He looked at the ground beneath him, where a fortuitous encounter was potentially waiting for him, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and quickly headed in the direction where the lightning bolt had fallen.

He was going to rush there to find Chu Feng. He felt that Chu Feng was the only one who could induce something of this scale. 

Not even his younger brother was capable of something of this feat.

He was starting to get afraid of how quickly Chu Feng was making breakthroughs. Based on what he knew, Chu Feng was still incredibly weak when he first entered the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but at this rate, it wouldn’t be long before he overtook him and his younger brother. 

So, he had to get rid of Chu Feng right now so as to avoid any future problems.

Even though the nine-colored lightning had fallen very far away from him, he could still feel its terrifying energy even from where he was. The energy seemed to linger in the air, not dissipating at all.

It didn’t take long for Zuoqiu Yanliang to arrive at the desert, but surprisingly, the desert didn’t halt his advancement as it did with Chu Feng. It acted like a perfectly normal desert, allowing him to pass through it soon enough.

Soon, Zuoqiu Yanliang arrived at the stone of forests.

Just the lightning that was still crackling above, he could tell that Chu Feng was still in the area and had yet to leave. However, he could tell that there was something amiss with the forest of stones. He examined the area, but he was unable to decipher the forest of stone or figure out where Chu Feng was.

So, he decided to let Xia Yan, Li Muzhi, and the others out to bait him.

At this point, Xia Yan and the others still didn’t know what was going on. As soon as Xia Yan was released, she began hurling insults at Zuqoiu Yanliang.

However, Zuoqiu Yanliang unhesitatingly wielded his Exalted Armament and stabbed it right into Xia Yan’s shoulder.

“Zuoqiu Yanliang, what are you doing?!”

Seeing this, Li Muzhi immediately bellowed furiously.

While he knew that Zuoqiu Yanliang wouldn’t let them off, he still felt incredibly angry upon seeing the latter make a move. They were disciples of the same sect here!

The next moment, Zuoqiu Yanliang pulled out his Exalted Armament and stabbed the sword directly into Li Muzhi’s throat. This scene made everyone’s face turn pale in horror.

They thought that Zuoqiu Yanliang was really intending to end their lives till he started shouting at the forest of stones.

“Come out, Chu Feng. I’ll take their lives if you continue hiding in there!”

By this point, Xia Yan finally understood the reason behind Zuoqiu Yanliang’s sudden aggression. It turned out that Chu Feng was hiding in the forest of stones, and Zuoqiu Yanliang was intending to use them to lure him out.


Chu Feng was still inside the pure white world. He had successfully made a breakthrough to rank one Martial Exalted level by this point, and he found that he could finally open his World Spirit Space and borrow Yu Sha’s powers now.

Nevertheless, his eyes still remained tightly shut because the intelligence boost granted to him by the monstrous elder was still present. He wanted to make use of this opportunity to further unseal the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor and raise his cultivation to rank two Martial Exalted level.

He was very clear on what he had just gone through, and the energy definitely didn’t just increase his enlightenment. What he had undergone earlier wasn’t just any ordinary lightning tribulation but the terrifying Divine Lightning Tribulation.

Chu Feng had been through a Divine Lightning Tribulation once, and it took him a great deal of effort in order to overcome it. But this time around, things had gone much more smoothly. It was not due to Chu Feng’s strength but that the energy in his body had helped him neutralize it.

It was just unfortunate that as the energy dissipated, he was still unable to unseal the next layer of the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor. His cultivation had stopped at rank one Martial Exalted level.

“Ah, what a pity.”

Chu Feng sighed deeply before opening his eyes. Overall, he was still overjoyed by his gains. Not only did he manage to enter Martial Exalted level, but he could also sense that the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Four Symbols Divine Power were still present. 

In other words, he could still raise his cultivation level by three ranks despite having reached Martial Exalted level, meaning that he could rival a rank four Martial Exalted level cultivator.

Putting aside the experts of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, there were very few experts of this level in the entire Holy Light Galaxy. He had already grown to become a figure who would tower over the entire Holy Light Galaxy. 


All of a sudden, Chu Feng’s surroundings began to distort. He knew that this was a sign that he was about to be teleported out of the pure white world.

The area around him began to shatter, and he found himself brought back to the real world.

He was still standing in the same position as before, staring straight ahead at the forest of stones.

“That is…”

But soon, Chu Feng noticed Zuoqiu Yanliang, Xia Yan, Li Muzhi, Song Xi, Tu Yuanyuan, and the others. Zuoqiu Yanliang was holding onto a sword, bellowing for him to come out. 

At the same time, there were many injuries on the bodies of Xia Yan, Li Muzhi, and the others too. 

“Zuoqiu Yanliang, you’re really courting death!” Chu Feng roared furiously.

Those words caught not just the attention of Zuoqiu Yanliang but Xia Yan and the others too. They had no idea where Chu Feng had appeared from, but the latter was standing not too far away from them.

“Run, Chu Feng!” Xia Yan shouted.

However, there was no way Zuoqiu Yanliang would give Chu Feng the chance to escape. He swung the Exalted Armament in his hand down upon Chu Feng, seeking to claim his life.


However, Chu Feng’s silhouette suddenly vanished. When he reappeared once more, he was already standing right in front of Zuoqiu Yanliang. 

He thrust his palm straight into Zuoqiu Yanliang’s head.


Zuoqiu Yanliang was utterly dumbstruck by Chu Feng’s incredible speed. Taking a closer look, he could see the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and a powerful Divine Power wrapping around Zuoqiu Yanliang’s body, enhancing his prowess.

Right now, Chu Feng’s cultivation was at rank four Martial Exalted level.

“Zuoqiu Yanliang, I gave you a chance but you didn’t know how to cherish it.”

Chu Feng abruptly tightened his palm, and a terrifying ‘pop’ sound echoed. Chu Feng had actually popped Zuoqiu Yanliang’s head.

Zuoqiu Yanliang’s body fell over and plopped onto the ground. He was dead. 

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