Chapter 4798: Bonus Reward

Chapter 4798: Bonus Reward

“Massacre Forbidden Art?”

Chu Feng quickly projected his consciousness into the World Spirit Space to examine the blood-red scroll carefully. Thankfully, it seemed to just be a scroll. Other than its peculiarities, it didn’t feel dangerous at all.

It was certain that something was recorded on it, just that Chu Feng couldn’t open and read it. He also didn’t dare to handle it carelessly either. Given the huge phenomenon earlier on, there was no way this blood-red scroll was anything ordinary,

“Come out and receive your reward.”

All of a sudden, Chu Feng heard a familiar voice calling for him outside. 

He quickly headed out and saw the massive monster and the monstrous elder he had met at the starting point of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm. They, too, had entered this pure white land.

It was just that Chu Feng couldn’t help but think that there was something really unusual with the monstrous elder right now.

“Lad, congratulations on receiving the Massacre Forbidden Art. You should make sure not to reveal this to anyone, or else you’ll surely lose your life,” the monstrous elder said.

“Elder, what’s the Massacre Forbidden Art? Why would it enter my Spirit World Space? Is it a martial technique or a world spiritist technique?” Chu Feng asked.

The phenomenon he had witnessed earlier was simply too massive that he couldn’t rest at ease without knowing what the blood-red scroll was. 

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you. It’s nothing more than a formation. That being said, it goes without saying that it’s no ordinary formation either. If you ever manage to assimilate it one day, you’ll find that there are few in this world of cultivation who can hope to match you. 

“However, you ought to know that it won’t be easy to assimilate this formation too. Right now, you don’t even have the qualification to comprehend it. In any case, the fact that you have gained its recognition means that my lord has recognized you as well,” the monstrous elder said.

“Elder, does the esteemed person you speak of refer to the founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s not wrong, but it isn’t exactly right either. Well, it’s of little importance so you need not probe further. Just make sure not to tell anyone that the Massacre Forbidden Art is within you. This includes even the people whom you have absolute trust in. Otherwise, it’ll bring harm not just upon yourself but those around you too,” the monstrous elder said.

“Elder, what kind of formation is the Massacre Forbidden Art?” Chu Feng asked.

He could tell that it was a powerful formation based on what the monstrous elder was saying, and that only made him even more curious about it.

“Didn’t I tell you that you would be almost unrivaled in the world of cultivation as long as you assimilate it? If such a day ever comes, you should remember to use it wisely. Here, this is a bonus for you,” the monstrous elder said. 

He took out his powerful horsetail whisk once more and flung it lightly. A ray of light shot out and pierced right into Chu Feng’s head.

Chu Feng immediately crossed his leg and sat down on the floor. 

The reward was a temporary increment in his intelligence. Knowing that the time he had was limited, Chu Feng was determined to make full use of this opportunity to unseal the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor and make a breakthrough.

As long as he could break just one more seal, he would be able to reach Martial Exalted level.

Looking at Chu Feng’s earnest attitude, the monstrous elder smiled to himself before retracting his horsetail whisk. His figure flickered for a moment before vanishing along with the wind.


By this point, the aura Zuoqiu Yanliang had been bestowed with had already vanished for a while. Nevertheless, he still continued heading toward the location of the fortuitous encounter based on his memory. 

Finally, he arrived at the destination.

It was a plain filled with runes on the ground, and a powerful aura lingered in the area. Other than these, there was nothing else of note here.

Despite so, Zuoqiu Yanliang was still confident that the fortuitous encounter was lying in wait for him here, and he was determined not to allow such an opportunity slip through his fingers.

However, there were simply no clues for him to work with here. No matter how he racked his brain, he was unable to figure out a way to bring out the fortuitous encounter. 

Soon, two hours had already passed, but he was still without gains. This left Zuoqiu Yanliang incredibly frustrated.

He had no idea that the fortuitous encounter he was looking for had already vanished due to Chu Feng.


A loud rumbling suddenly echoed amidst empty space. Zuoqiu Yanliang quickly turned his head over to take a look, only to see ominous clouds crackling with lightning settling into the vicinity. 

This was not ordinary lightning but Nine-colored Divine Lightning. It swiftly intersected with one another to form nine humongous lightning beasts that coiled amidst the storm clouds, shaking the surroundings with their deafening roar. 

Their sheer size was so great that it was impossible to make out anything else in the sky except for these nine lightning beasts. Everything else looked insignificant in its presence, including Zuoqiu Yanliang. 

“W-what are those? Is this a lightning phenomenon?” 

The more Zuoqiu Yanliang assessed the nine beasts, the more terrified he became. His heart wouldn’t stop palpating in unease.

As someone who possessed the Heavenly Bloodline, he would have to face a lightning tribulation every time he made a breakthrough. Thus, he was extremely familiar with the nine-colored lightning. 

However, the nine-colored lightning that was in the sky at this very moment was something he had never seen before. To be exact, he had never seen such terrifying nine-colored lightning before. 

He wasn’t even sure if this was a lightning tribulation induced by the breakthrough of a Heavenly Bloodline possessor. The phenomenon was simply too frightening that it felt like the entire world was going to be destroyed in its face. 

Zuoqiu Yanliang was certain that as long as the nine lightning beasts willed so, it would only take a mere instant for it to destroy the entire realm.

At the same time, the other disciples in the Yinyang Withered Well Realm also noticed the phenomenon in the sky too. Compared to how the other disciples were reacting, Zuoqiu Yanliang’s response could already be described as calm. 

Everyone else was basically shivering in utter fear, and some of them even peed their pants.

Everyone knew that the nine-colored lightning was the power wielded by possessors of the Heavenly Bloodline, but the knowledge of this fact did little to allay their fears. They felt that the world would really be destroyed at this rate. 

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