Chapter 4788: Yinyang Withered Well Realm

Chapter 4788: Yinyang Withered Well Realm

“Yu Sha, I know that you’re saying all of this for my own good, but I have to enter the Yinyang Withered Well Realm. I don’t know what kind of person the sectmaster is, but I can’t count on pleasing her in order to save Zi Ling. More than that, I need to have sufficient strength as leverage. This is a rare opportunity for me,” Chu Feng said.

“I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sway your decision, but in any case, make sure to tread carefully,” Yu Sha said.

Not too long later, Li Muzhi and the others, who had just been released from their grounding, also ran over to meet Chu Feng. They heaved a sigh of relief upon learning that Chu Feng had Duan Liufeng’s backing now before proceeding on to discuss their plans for the Yinyang Withered Well Realm.

Though to be frank, the Yinyang Withered Well Realm was far too enigmatic of a place, and none of them had entered the area before. As a result, the only thing they could really prepare for was to secure a partner to be tied with using the Yinyang Shackles. 

Chu Feng didn’t idle while waiting for the opening of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm. He tried looking for other ways to decipher the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, but the deciphering only got harder at the later stages. 

It was not that he couldn’t decipher it himself, but he would need a considerable amount of time. 

Soon, it was time for the opening of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm. All juniors were granted entry into the realm. Those who had already chosen their partners could proceed straight to the shackling whereas those without a partner would be randomly paired by the elders.

Of course, it was much better to personally choose a partner. Due to that, the clearing outside the Yinyang Withered Well Realm was filled with huge crowds, and discussions could be heard here and there.

Those who hadn’t found a partner yet were still looking around, attempting to negotiate with the others. It felt almost like a market.

The men seemed to be more inclined to choose prettier ladies whereas the ladies favored stronger men. After all, they were about to enter the enigmatic Yinyang Withered Well Realm. They could meet with fortuitous encounters there, but it was possible for them to meet with danger too. Naturally, it would be beneficial to have a strong partner.

“Look, it’s Senior Li Muzhi and Senior Xia Yan!”

“Chu Feng! Chu Feng is here too!”

Despite the bustle, the appearance of Chu Feng and his group still stirred a huge commotion amongst the crowd. It wasn’t surprising since Chu Feng was one of the most notable figures in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect at the moment. 

By this point, everyone had learned about his feat of breaking Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record and achieving what no one had ever done. Most importantly, he managed to get away scot-free after killing Nangong Yuliu whereas Nangong Chunyue ended up being locked up and punished.

Of course, this was only possible with the backing of the Hidden Dragon Chief, Duan Liufeng.

Chu Feng had both the talent and the backing of the strongest individual beneath the sectmaster. It seemed like his rise through the ranks was almost inevitable at this point.

“I wonder who Chu Feng will be partnering with. It’d be great if I could partner with him.”

The female disciples directed looks of anticipation in Chu Feng’s direction.

“Is this the entrance to the Yinyang Withered Well Realm?”

Ignoring the discussions of the crowd, Chu Feng began assessing the empty clearing. However, there was nothing worthy of notice. It looked perfectly ordinary from a distance away.

“Look, Senior Zuoqiu and the others are here too!”

Another exclamation sounded as another group arrived at the scene.

There were familiar faces such as Zuoqiu Yanliang and Song Qian, but there was another person whom Chu Feng was meeting for the first time. This person shared a similar appearance to Zuoqiu Yanliang, such that even without anyone’s introduction, he could tell that he was Zuoqiu Youyu.

If not for the elusive figure brought back by the sectmaster, Zuoqiu Youyu would have been the number one amongst the juniors. 

Zuoqiu Youyu appeared to be a proud person. 

Even Zuoqiu Yanliang and the others couldn’t help but direct a look in Chu Feng’s direction upon arriving at the clearing, but Zuoqiu Youyu refrained from glancing over despite knowing that Chu Feng was there.

It wasn’t just Chu Feng whom he refused to look at. He wasn’t looking at anyone on the square at all, as if they were all unworthy of his notice. 

Chu Feng wasn’t too surprised by Zuoqiu Yanliang and Song Qian’s arrival. Under normal circumstances, they should have been undergoing punishment for their crimes of attempting to frame Chu Feng, but the opening of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm was a rare opportunity presented to all of the disciples. There would be no second chances if they were to miss it.

So, the sectmaster made an exception and allowed them to enter the Yinyang Withered Well Realm too. Of course, at the end of it all, they still have to return to face their punishment.

It was only after Zuoqiu Youyu and the others arrived that the elder guarding the area took out the Yinyang Shackles and passed them to Chu Feng and Zuoqiu Youyu’s groups.

It was worth noting that only the elders only personally handed the Yinyang Shackles to their groups. All of the other disciples had to queue up in order to collect their Yinyang Shackles. 

This highlighted the difference between the two groups and everyone else.

Despite its name, the Yinyang Shackles wasn’t a lock. If anything, it looked and felt more like a vine. However, this vine possessed sentience, such that it automatically wrapped itself around Chu Feng’s wrist upon contact.

At Chu Feng’s will, it would dart forth and bind him together with another individual.

After everyone had been paired up with the Yinyang Shackles, all that was left to do was to wait. There was no way to control the opening of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm, so they could only wait for it to open on its own accord.

From daytime, they waited all the way till nightfall. 

As soon as the first glimmer of light floated into the sky, the crowd suddenly began murmuring in excitement. A massive spirit formation gate that shone like the brilliant sun was starting to form in mid-air.

Even Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel deeply excited.

He thought that the entrance to the Yinyang Withered Well Realm would be located underground, but the entrance to the well presented itself as a massive spirit formation gate in the sky. 

Most importantly of all, Chu Feng found himself feeling a deep feeling of anticipation for the Yinyang Withered Well Realm upon seeing the spirit formation gate. 

He had seen many powerful formations after joining the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but harnessed within the spirit formation gate before him was the most profound use of spirit power he had ever seen. 

Just by looking at the spirit formation gate, he could understand why everyone in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect had such a high evaluation of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm.

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