Chapter 4786: The Sect Founder’s Tomb

Chapter 4786: The Sect Founder’s Tomb

“Brother Chu Feng.”

While Chu Feng was lamenting his weakness, a familiar voice sounded not too far away. He glanced over and saw Tu Yuanyuan standing at a distance away.

“Why are you standing so far away?” Chu Feng asked.

Tu Yuanyuan was one of the few people who didn’t distance herself from Chu Feng despite knowing that he was disliked by the sectmaster. On this fact itself, he felt that she was someone worth befriending.

“Can I… go over?” Tu Yuanyuan asked carefully.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t you be welcomed in my residence?” Chu Feng asked with a chuckle.

Seeing this, Tu Yuanyuan immediately hopped over delightfully.

“What’s with your sudden cautiousness? I didn’t think that a day would come where you dare not even enter my residence,” Chu Feng remarked.

“Is Lord Hidden Dragon Chief gone?” Tu Yuanyuan took a sweeping glance before asking warily.

It was only then that Chu Feng realized that she was intimidated by Duan Liufeng. It was understandable since the means Duan Liufeng had displayed were indeed astonishing.

“Brother Duan had matters to attend to, so he left in advance,” Chu Feng said.

“I really envy you for becoming a brother to the Hidden Dragon Chief. This works out well too. No one will dare to bully you anymore,” Tu Yuanyuan said.

“As long as I’m around, no one will dare to bully you too,” Chu Feng added.

“That sounds particularly reassuring coming from you.”

Tu Yuanyuan’s eyes curled in a crescent smile, but she soon thought of something else and said, “Senior Chu Feng, I came here because there’s something I need to discuss with you.”

“What is it? “Chu Feng asked.

“The Yinyang Withered Well Realm will be opening in a few days’ time. Have you heard of the place?” Tu Yuanyuan asked.

“I’m afraid not. Is it a place to cultivate at?” Chu Feng asked. 

“You can think of it that way, but it’s not entirely the case. It’s quite a mysterious place in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. Those who enter the place will have a chance to stumble upon some fortuitous encounter, but it’s also possible for one to gain nothing at all too. It’s all by chance.

“However, there’s a condition to entering the Yinyang Withered Well Realm. It’s shrouded by special energy that disallows any man or woman to enter individually. Only a pair consisting of a man and woman tied together with a Yinyang Shackles will be able to enter the location. So…” 

“You must be Junior Tu, right?”

Tu Yuanyuan was in the midst of her words when a voice suddenly sounded. Chu Feng and Tu Yuanyuan turned their heads over and saw Xia Yan walking over.

“Paying respects to Senior Xia.”

Tu Yuanyuan quickly greeted Xia Yan with a bow.

“There’s no need to be so courteous with me. A friend of Chu Feng is a friend of mine too.”

Xia Yan quickly supported Tu Yuanyuan up, not putting on airs at all. There was an amicable smile on her face. It was just that the things she said right after were rather peculiar.

“Junior Tu, I’m intending to enter the Yinyang Withered Well Realm together with Junior Chu Feng. I can introduce someone to you if you don’t have a pair yet. I think Song Xi is a good choice. What do you think of it?”

In the first place, Tu Yuanyuan was already intimidated by Xia Yan, so she didn’t hesitate to go along with the latter. “Thank you, Senior Xia. It would be my pleasure to head there together with Senior Xi.”

Chu Feng could tell right away that this was a fight between the two women as he had never made such an agreement with Xia Yan. In fact, it was just moments ago that he learned about the existence of the Yinyang Withered Well Realm. 

However, he was more concerned with Song Xi at the moment.

“Senior Xia, has Song Xi been released?” Chu Feng asked.

“Senior Xia? You make us sound so distant. I’ve even bared my body to you once before,” Xia Yan remarked.


Xia Yan’s abrupt words left both Tu Yuanyuan and Chu Feng dumbfounded.

While there weren’t that many people around Chu Feng’s residence anymore, there were still plenty of elders and disciples walking to and fro the area in order to repair the North Tortoise Hall. On top of that, Xia Yan’s voice was not exactly soft.

As soon as those words were spoken, everyone immediately froze in place and turned their eyes toward Chu Feng and Xia Yan.

Chu Feng has seen Xia Yan’s body? What’s the relationship between them?

“Are you going to deny it now?”

Yet, Xia Yan showed no embarrassment at all. Instead, she even glared at Chu Feng with a forceful gaze.

“I… That is…”

Chu Feng was put in an extremely awkward position, not knowing whether he should admit to it or not. He was not someone who would shy away from such matters, but he was concerned about Xia Yan’s reputation.

“Hahaha, what’s with your expression? I’m joking! Surely you can't really be thinking about it? How could you have possibly seen my body before? Were you actually dreaming of it?” 

Xia Yan suddenly burst into hearty laughter.

Her response made the crowd think that she was joking, so they turned their attention back to their work. Only Chu Feng was left sweating profusely due to Xia Yan’s fickleness.

After all, he had really seen Xia Yan’s body before.

“I’m sorry, Chu Feng. I wasn’t able to protect you or your brother. However, you can be assured that Song Xi is alright now. My grandfather is currently treating him, so you should be able to see a healthy Song Xi soon,” Xia Yan said with a guilt-ridden look on her face.

“What are you apologizing for? I should be the one to take the blame here. I was the one who implicated all of you in my private affairs.”

Chu Feng knew that Xia Yan’s hands were tied, so he didn’t blame her for not being able to help him.

“Alright, let’s not talk about the past anymore. Tell me more about the Yinyang Withered Well Realm instead. What kind of place is that?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

He wanted to know if it was possible to raise his intelligence by entering that place so that he could further decipher the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor.

After Xia Yan’s explanation, he was able to get a more thorough understanding of the place.

The Yinyang Withered Well Realm could be said to be a separate realm of its own in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It was not exactly a place for cultivation, but there were many fortuitous encounters one could stumble on there.

There were records of sect members obtaining martial skills, Incomplete Exalted Armaments, and even Exalted Armaments in there. The one who had benefited the most from it was no other than the current sectmaster.

While the sectmaster was still a disciple, she had managed to achieve a breakthrough of five ranks in her cultivation within a single day in the Yinyang Withered Well Realm.

It was just that the chances of stumbling upon a fortuitous encounter in there weren’t related to one’s cultivation. Take Lord Dugu Lingtian for example, even though he had also left his name in the Yinyang Withered Well Realm too, he didn’t obtain any benefits from it.

In any case, the Yinyang Withered Well Realm was quite an enigmatic place that couldn’t be explained using logic. 

“Ah right. There’s also a rumor saying that the Yinyang Withered Well Realm is the grave of the sect founder,” Xia Yan said.

“The grave of the sect founder? Is that for real?” 

Chu Feng was surprised to hear those words.

He carried a great deal of respect for the founder of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect after witnessing his amazing prowess through the formations he left behind. 

However, the sect founder was an enigmatic figure whom hardly anyone in the sect knew anything about. It was peculiar that there would be rumors that his grave was in the Yinyang Withered Well Realm when no one even knew whether he was alive or dead. 

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