Chapter 4786: The Sect Founder’s Tomb (Teaser)

Chapter 4786: The Sect Founder’s Tomb

“Brother Chu Feng.”

While Chu Feng was lamenting his weakness, a familiar voice sounded not too far away. He glanced over and saw Tu Yuanyuan standing at a distance away.

“Why are you standing so far away?” Chu Feng asked.

Tu Yuanyuan was one of the few people who didn’t distance herself from Chu Feng despite knowing that he was disliked by the sectmaster. On this fact itself, he felt that she was someone worth befriending.

“Can I… go over?” Tu Yuanyuan asked carefully.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t you be welcomed in my residence?” Chu Feng asked with a chuckle.

Seeing this, Tu Yuanyuan immediately hopped over delightfully.

“What’s with your sudden cautiousness? I didn’t think that a day would come where you dare not even enter my...

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