Chapter 4785: The Elder Hidden in the Seven Realms Galaxy

Chapter 4785: The Elder Hidden in the Seven Realms Galaxy

“It’s better not to jump so quickly to assumptions. That being said, it’s a fact that the sectmaster has contributed greatly to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, so regardless of the true reason why she’s prejudiced toward you, it’s best for you to stop breaking Lord Dugu Lingtian’s records in the future.

“You have already proved yourself, and that’s enough. Do it for my sake, alright?” Duan Liufeng said.

“I understand, Brother Duan. I’ll take note of it,” Chu Feng replied with a nod.

“There’s one more thing I need to tell you. I’ll be leaving the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect with the sectmaster for a while. I’ve tasked Protector Zhao to protect you, but it’ll be best for you to tread carefully too. Also, make sure that you don’t tell anyone about this,” Duan Liufeng said. 

“You’re leaving with the sectmaster? Is it convenient for you to tell me where you’ll be heading to?” Chu Feng asked out of curiosity.

The sectmaster was the strongest expert in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and Duan Liufeng was the Hidden Dragon Chief. Something that required two of such powerful experts moving in unison was likely to be momentous.

“The calamity in the sky this time around is different from those we have faced in the past. Usually, the vice sectmaster is able to resolve the calamity by himself, but the calamity we’re currently facing is at a scale where even the sectmaster might not be able to deal with it personally.

“It’s not a problem for me to tell you about it, but you have to make sure to keep mum on it. This matter must be kept absolutely confidential,” Duan Liufeng emphasized.

“Brother Duan, rest assured. I’m a person with tightly-guarded lips. I won’t say a word even if someone holds my life hostage,” Chu Feng promised.

“Brother Chu, I trust your character.”

Duan Liufeng patted Chu Feng’s shoulder before continuing his story.

“This calamity is no small deal. Our sectmaster tried to resolve it after coming out of closed-door training, but she ended up sustaining injuries instead,” Duan Liufeng said.

“The sectmaster is injured?” 

Chu Feng was surprised.

He knew that the calamity in the sky was no joking matter when he first saw it, but he thought that the sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect should still be able to resolve it. 

However, it turned out that he was still underestimating the scale of the calamity.

“What will happen if we aren’t able to put a halt to the calamity?” Chu Feng asked.

“The sect founder has left behind a scroll in case something like that happened. However, we aren’t to open the scroll unless we’re really in a desperate position, so we’re still trying out other possibilities for the time being. That’s also the reason why the sect master and I are heading to the Seven Realms Galaxy.”

Duan Liufeng’s voice was nonchalant, but his words stirred huge waves in Chu Feng’s heart.

The Seven Realms Galaxy was ruled by the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, as well as the place where his mother was imprisoned. It was a place where he would eventually head to, just that he didn’t have the strength to do so yet.

“How are you intending to head to the Seven Realms Galaxy?” Chu Feng asked.

“There’s a teleportation formation in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect that was set up by the sect founder. We’re able to head to the Seven Realms Galaxy directly through the teleportation formation, so the journey wouldn’t take too long.

“You seem quite interested in the Seven Realms Galaxy. Are you intending to head there?” Duan Liufeng asked.

“I’m indeed interested in the Seven Realms Galaxy, just that… Can I really go?” 

Chu Feng was moved. The Seven Realms Galaxy was one of his goals. He knew that he wasn’t strong enough for it yet, but if he could tag along with Duan Liufeng and the sectmaster, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to take a look around in advance so as to gain some understanding of the place. 

“I’ll bring you there if an opportunity allows in the future, but not this time,” Duan Liufeng replied.

The two of them continued chatting for a while longer.

Duan Liufeng really thought of Chu Feng as his brother, telling the latter everything without reservations. 

The sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was already thirty thousand years old, which was incredible considering that the limit of most cultivator’s lifespan was only ten thousand years. It showed that her body was in excellent condition.

However, there was one person in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect who was even older than the sectmaster, but he had already washed his hands clean of the sect’s affairs and was currently cultivating in the Seven Realms Galaxy. 

The sectmaster knew where the elder was currently residing, so she wanted to ask for his help in resolving this crisis.

“Brother Duan, do you know who that elder is?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

An elder who was worthy of the sectmaster to personally pay a visit to was definitely an incredible figure, so he couldn’t help but be interested.

“I didn’t know that there was such a person in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect either. I only learned about it from the sectmaster not too long ago. She didn’t inform me of the elder’s identity, so I’m afraid that I don’t know much about him either. I’ll tell you more about it once I return from the Seven Realms Galaxy,” Duan Liufeng replied.

The conversation continued for a little longer before Duan Liufeng took his leave. Chu Feng also stepped out of his residence to gaze at the sky above.

Due to the massive congregation of storm clouds above, he hadn’t seen a blue sky ever since entering the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. He had an ominous premonition about the calamity right from the start, but Duan Liufeng’s words further drove in that feeling. 

He had a feeling that if this calamity couldn’t be resolved, it might just lead to complete annihilation. 

On the whole, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect had left a bad impression on Chu Feng given all of the incidents he had faced along the way, but there were still many predecessors whom he respected here, such as the sect founder and Dugu Lingtian.

He didn’t hope to see the destruction of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect if possible.

It was just that this was a calamity which even the sectmaster couldn’t do anything about. Before something of this scale, Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel insignificant. He hated this feeling of powerlessness.

He had to become stronger as soon as possible.

He had indeed grown significantly as compared to before, but he was still far too weak. 

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