Chapter 4783: Hidden Dragon Chief

Chapter 4783: Hidden Dragon Chief


Nangong Chunyue stared at Duan Liufeng as the fury in her eyes turned into horror. She realized that she was completely helpless before him, which meant that his cultivation was far above hers.

“Elder Duan, please show mercy. Nangong Chunyue is a Hidden Dragon Elder. You mustn’t kill her! You won’t be able to escape death if you were to take her life!” Xia Zhicheng cried out.

In truth, they were also well aware of Nangong Yuliu’s actions.

Putting aside Nangong Yuliu, just Nangong Chunyue’s rampage today was more than enough to put her to death going by the rules of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. 

So why were they still leaving her alive? 

That was because her tremendous strength was a great asset to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It was for that reason that the sectmaster turned a blind eye to her deeds.

Duan Liufeng might be powerful, but he wouldn’t be able to escape punishment if he were to really kill Nangong Chunyue. 

“I won’t be able to escape death? Very well, let’s see who dares to take my life then!”

With a disdainful look on his face, Duan Liufeng flicked his wrist and took out a token.

“That is!!!”

Even the Hidden Dragon Elders were shocked by the revelation of the token. It was the token of the Hidden Dragon Elders, just that Duan Liufeng’s one had a slightly different appearance. On top of the ‘Hidden Dragon Elder’, there was an additional ‘Chief’ word on it. 

The crowd came to a realization upon seeing the token. 

It was finally making sense why Duan Liufeng wielded such great strength.

There were ten Hidden Dragon Elders in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but the strongest one of them was granted a special token, and his standing and influence far exceeded the others too. 

The Hidden Dragon Chief was a mysterious existence in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. No one except for the sectmaster knew of his true identity.

It was only when the sect was faced with difficult problems that he would make an appearance, but he would always be able to easily solve the issues that the other Hidden Dragon Elders stumbled at.

Naturally, Li Fengxian and the others had met the Hidden Dragon Chief before, but they, too, didn’t know of his true identity. 

They thought that he was one of the more low profile elders in the sect, but who could have thought that he would actually be no other than Duan Liufeng?

“Aren’t you going to pay your greetings after seeing the token?” 

Duan Liufeng shot a sweeping glance at the trio as he spoke authoritatively.

“Paying respects to the Hidden Dragon Chief!!!”

Li Fengxian, Xia Zhicheng, and Huyan Xioatian quickly bowed deeply.

They might be Hidden Dragon Elders, but they had to show their due respects to the Hidden Dragon Chief.

Seeing this, the rest of the crowd quickly bowed deeply. The disciples even went to the extent to kneel down and kowtow as a symbol of deep respect. 

“Chu Feng, hurry up and kneel down.”

By this point, the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall had already retracted his defensive formation and was currently bowing deeply to Duan Liufeng. When he noticed that Chu Feng was still standing upright, he quickly nudged the latter and urged him to show his respects too.

“Chu Feng is my younger brother. There’s no need for him to kneel to me,” Duan Liufeng said before directing his gaze back at the crowd.

“I know what you’re thinking. This situation must be unbelievable and hard to accept for you. You’re probably wondering how a trash whose cultivation has been regressing could possibly become the Hidden Dragon Chief. I reckon that some of you are afraid that I would exact vengeance on you too.

“Those who have been disrespectful to me thus far, there’s no need for you to worry. You wouldn’t have lived to this day if I truly intended to settle the score. 

“That being said, I should make it clear that Chu Feng is my younger brother. I can still consider forgiving you for any offense against me. You can also scheme and fight all you want amongst yourself, and I won’t even bat an eyelid. However, if anyone dares to touch Chu Feng, don’t expect me to let you off!”

As Duan Liufeng made the declaration, he pushed his dagger along with his hand through Nangong Chunyue’s dantian.


Nangong Chunyue wailed from the excruciating pain. Her terrifying appearance from earlier on vanished without a trace, replaced with a strained pale face. 

Her warped face was enough to show just what kind of inhuman torture she was being put through at the moment. Duan Liufeng had done much more than just crippling her dantian.

“Elder Duan, this is enough.”

Another voice suddenly sounded as a skinny white-haired elder with benevolent eyes appeared on the scene. His hair and eyebrows were snowy-white, and he emanated a graceful air reminiscent of an immortal.

In truth, this elder was of extremely high standing in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect too.

“Paying respects to vice sectmaster!”

Everyone quickly paid respect to the elder. He was Zuoqiu Yanliang and Zuoqiu Youyu’s grandfather, but he was better known as the vice sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

What was worth noting was that Duan Liufeng didn’t lower his head. Despite so, the vice sectmaster didn’t lose his temper. Instead, he began persuading Duan Liufeng earnestly.

“Elder Duan, I can understand your anger. In truth, I have been here for a while now, and even if you didn’t make a move, I wouldn’t have allowed Elder Nangong to harm Chu Feng either. I also turned a blind eye to your aggression toward Elder Nangong so that you could vent your anger. However, there’s a limit to how far you should go.

“Even if Elder Nangong has done wrong here, her contribution toward the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is still inerasable. Neither you nor me have the right to punish her. This is a matter for the sectmaster to decide on,” the vice sectmaster said.

“Since the vice sectmaster has already said so, it’s only right for me to do as you have said. Nangong Chunyue, heed my words. If you dare to touch Chu Feng ever again, no one will be able to save you, not even the sectmaster.”

Leaving behind this threat, Duan Liufeng threw Nangong Chunyue toward the vice sectmaster casually, as if he was tossing aside an object. The vice sectmaster caught Nangong Chunyue before quickly heading off.

As for Duan Liufeng, he descended to the ground and headed straight toward Chu Feng’s residence.

“Not bad, you’ve finally manned up for once.”

Duan Liufeng shot a glance at the chief elder before casually tossing a pill over.

“Thank you for your compliment, Hidden Dragon Chief!”

The chief elder was both anxious and delighted, perhaps a little apprehensive even. However, there were those who were much more fearful than he was.

There were many people in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect who looked down on Duan Liufeng and bullied him. Even though Duan Liufeng had said that he wouldn’t exact vengeance on them, it was still frightening for them to know that they had offended a behemoth that could crush them anytime he wanted.

How could they possibly not be afraid?

As for Chu Feng, there was only sheer happiness on his face.

“It looks like my older brother is the Hidden Dragon Chief,” Chu Feng remarked with a twinkling smile in his eyes.

“You brat, stop acting so smugly. Come, let’s head into the residence. I’ll explain things to you.”

Duan Liufeng chuckled heartily as he slapped Chu Feng’s shoulders before heading into the residence.

“Chief elder, how are you feeling?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m fine. You should hurry in,” the chief elder urged.

Chu Feng took a close look at the chief elder to confirm that he wasn’t in a dangerous state before finally heading into his residence.


A dense power gushed out from within the residence the moment Chu Feng stepped in. It swiftly formed a semi-translucent sphere that shrouded the entire residence.

Under the concealment of this sphere, not even a Hidden Dragon Elder would be able to see or hear what was happening inside. Naturally, this was Duan Liufeng’s means.

“Those who aren’t from the North Tortoise Hall should quickly leave the area and do what you ought to do,” Li Fengxian ordered.

Mos of the crowd swiftly dispersed whereas the elders and disciples of the North Tortoise Hall headed over to the chief elder’s side. There was great reparation works to be done in the North Tortoise Hall after the devastation left in Nangong Chunyue’s wake.

Li Fengxian, Xia Zhicheng, and Huyan Xiaotian also descended to the ground, heading over to the chief elder’s side. They were intending to offer their help to the North Tortoise Hall for this matter.

While they were discussing the matter, Li Fengxian’s eyes couldn’t help but drift toward Chu Feng’s residence. He couldn’t see or hear what was going on within, but a faint smile lingered on his lips.

He knew that the days of suffering were finally over for Chu Feng now that he finally had strong backing in the sect. 

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