Chapter 4781: The Infuriated Grandmother

Chapter 4781: The Infuriated Grandmother

The crowd was horrified not by Chu Feng’s words but by his deed. By this point, there were few who were in a mood to listen to his words anymore. 

Their minds were dominated by the knowledge that Chu Feng had killed Nangong Yuliu, the beloved grandson of Hidden Dragon Elder Nangong Chunyue.

“Chu Feng, even if Nangong Yuliu has framed Song Xi, his crime doesn’t warrant death. How could you kill him just like that?” an elder from the East Dragon Hall cried out.

It was hard to tell whether he really thought that way or that he was making use of this opportunity to fawn on Nangong Chunyue, but he stood forward with a righteous look on his face, determined to punish Chu Feng for his actions.

“If Song Xi’s grievances weren’t redressed, he would be sentenced to death ten days after undergoing the torture of whips. Are you telling me that Song Xi’s life means nothing at all?” Chu Feng asked.

“Even if Song Xi was framed, that is a matter between the two of them. Even if Nangong Yuliu was guilty, he ought to be punished by the Law Enforcement Hall. What rights do you have to kill him?”

More and more elders from the East Dragon Hall stood forward to chastise Chu Feng.

Chu Feng flicked his wrist and took out the orb that recorded Nangong Yuliu’s true face, be it his ugliness, arrogance, or his attempt to kill Chu Feng. However, he tightened his grip and crushed it into bits.

He didn’t want to bother arguing with those elders since he knew that it would be meaningless. Instead, he said, “Yes, I’ve killed Nangong Yuliu. What are you going to do about it? If you have an objection to that, come here and kill me then.”

Chu Feng’s attitude was so domineering that it left the elders of the East Dragon Hall maddened.


But as infuriated as those elders were, they were also intimidated by his attitude. 

Ever since Chu Feng had been sentenced to the Hidden Dragon Prison, he suddenly became incredibly imposing, be it him getting Zuoqiu Yanliang, Song Qian, and the others to kneel before him and admit to their mistakes or killing off Nangong Yuliu. 

They suddenly recalled Chu Feng’s claim that he was in control of the Hellking’s power. If that was really true, they would have no choice but to take a step back in view of their safety. 

Even if they wanted to please Nangong Chunyue, they had to weigh whether it was really worth doing it now.

“Li Jiaojiao, Song Xi will be the one to decide your fate.”

Chu Feng shot Li Jiaojiao a glance before rising into the air and returning back to his residence in the North Tortoise Hall. 

Seeing this, the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall and the others quickly followed him.

“Chief elder, there’s no need to say anything else. I’ve killed Nangong Yuliu, and there’s no way to undo that anymore,” Chu Feng spoke up before the chief elder could say anything.

“Chu Feng, you… Haaa, you must not know just how much Nangong Chunyue dotes on Nangong Yuliu. I know of a passageway that’ll allow you to leave the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. You should leave and never come back,” the chief elder said.

“If I leave right now, you’ll be the one to suffer Nangong Chunyue’s fury,” Chu Feng pointed out. 

“It’s my incompetence that put you through indignance after indignance. My conscience doesn’t allow you to die here in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. I’ll never allow that to happen!” the chief elder declared.

“I’m deeply grateful for your sentiments, chief elder, but I can’t leave just yet. There are still things I need to do here,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, this is not the time to be obstinate. Even if you want to…”

The chief elder still wanted to persuade Chu Feng, but before he could finish his piece, Chu Feng had already interjected right in.

“Chief elder, I didn’t kill Nangong Yuliu out of recklessness. I did it because I don’t fear Nangong Chunyue. You need not persuade me anymore. My mind is already made up.”

Looking at the determined look on Chu Feng’s face, the chief elder knew that it would be impossible for him to convince him, so he chose to simply escort Chu Feng back to his residence for now.

“What’s that?”

But before they could come close to Chu Feng’s residence, they were met with a massive plaque that towered over thirty thousand meters high. On it were the words: Those who dare to touch Chu Feng will die!

Everyone quickly hastened their movements, and they eventually found that the plaque was erected right in front of Chu Feng’s residence.

Something as huge as that naturally drew attention, so quite a few people from the North Tortoise Hall were already gathered in the area. 

“Who is behind this?” the chief elder asked the elders who were already present on the scene.

“I’m not sure. It suddenly appeared out of nowhere half an incense’s time ago,” one of the elders replied.

“Chu Feng?”

The crowd turned to look at Chu Feng inquisitively.

“I was not the one behind it. I wouldn’t use this kind of method to intimidate others.”

Chu Feng was also perplexed by the appearance of this plaque. Honestly, he thought that the chief elder was behind this the first time he saw it, but the latter’s attitude made it clear that it had nothing to do with him.

“Who could it be then?” the chief elder murmured with a tight frown.

“It seems like someone in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect hopes for my survival. No matter who he is, I’m thankful to him for his sentiments. Chief elder, you should head back now. I’d like to take a rest.” 

After saying those words, Chu Feng began making his way into his residence.

“Chu Feng, I’ll rip you into shreds!”

But at this very moment, a deafening roar echoed across the sky in the form of a devastating sonic boom that ravaged everything in its path. 

Countless buildings in the North Tortoise Hall were torn to shreds, and many elders and disciples sustained severe injuries as a result of that. Some of the weaker disciples even began bleeding from their seven apertures as their souls popped from the pressure.

It was a mere roar, but it had already caused great casualties in the North Tortoise Hall.

“It’s Nangong Chunyue. She’s here!”

The surviving elders and disciples quickly darted off in all directions, attempting to escape from the calamity. The crowd that was gathered outside Chu Feng’s house immediately dispersed, leaving behind the chief elder and a few others.

They were all escaping while they could. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to withstand Nangong Chunyue’s fury if they were to stay here.

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