Chapter 4780: A Fate Worse Than Him (Teaser)

Chapter 4780: A Fate Worse Than Him

“Now that you know it’s me, you should be prepared for your death!” Chu Feng spat coldly as he directed a murderous look toward Nangong Yuliu.

“Hahahaha! Chu Feng, I’ve underestimated you. I never thought that you would resort to such means to make me reveal the truth about Song Xi! But what a pity it is that you have overestimated yourself. So what if you’ve found out about the truth?”


Nangong Yuliu scrunched his fingers in the shape of an eagle talon as he swiped straight for Chu Feng’s throat.

His movements were far swifter than that of any rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator, for his body was shrouded by a green flame that seemed to be manifesting in the shape of a ferocious lion. It was a Divine Power!

There was a world of a difference between Utmost Exalted level and Martial Exalted level. Even if a peak Utmost Exalted level cultivator were to use means to raise his cultivation, he would still be unable to bridge the gap with a...

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