Chapter 4780: A Fate Worse Than Him

Chapter 4780: A Fate Worse Than Him

“Now that you know it’s me, you should be prepared for your death!” Chu Feng spat coldly as he directed a murderous look toward Nangong Yuliu.

“Hahahaha! Chu Feng, I’ve underestimated you. I never thought that you would resort to such means to make me reveal the truth about Song Xi! But what a pity it is that you have overestimated yourself. So what if you’ve found out about the truth?”


Nangong Yuliu scrunched his fingers in the shape of an eagle talon as he swiped straight for Chu Feng’s throat.

His movements were far swifter than that of any rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator, for his body was shrouded by a green flame that seemed to be manifesting in the shape of a ferocious lion. It was a Divine Power!

There was a world of a difference between Utmost Exalted level and Martial Exalted level. Even if a pinnacle Utmost Exalted level cultivator were to use means to raise his cultivation, he would still be unable to bridge the gap with a Martial Exalted level cultivator.

That being said, Nangong Yuliu’s Divine Power still greatly increased his fighting prowess.

He knew that Chu Feng, despite only being at rank seven Utmost Exalted level, possessed the means to raise his cultivation up to rank nine Utmost Exalted level. So, he chose to use his Divine Power straight away so that he could subdue Chu Feng with ease.

The moment that Nangong Yuliu made his move, Chu Feng began manifesting his Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor. 


However, Nangong Yuliu simply smirked in response. No matter what Chu Feng did here, it was all futile. His strength had already surpassed that of any rank nine Utmost Exalted level cultivator, so he was confident that there was nothing Chu Feng could do to avoid his attack.


But just as his talons were about to sever Chu Feng’s throat, a hand suddenly grabbed his wrist and stopped his attack in place.

Chu Feng was actually able to stop his lightning-fast attack with ease!


Nangong Yuliu was horrified.

The moment Chu Feng made his move, Nangong Yuliu realized that Chu Feng’s base cultivation was not at rank seven Utmost Exalted level but rank nine. Coupled with his Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor, he found that he wasn’t a match for the current Chu Feng!

Realizing that the situation had gone awry, Nangong Yuliu decisively chose to use other means to further enhance his fighting prowess.


However, Chu Feng had no intention of allowing him any respite. He exerted immense force down on Nangong Yuliu’s wrist, crushing it into bits. At the same time, his other hand darted forth to stab into Nangong Yuliu’s body like a dagger.


Blood spurted from Nangong Yuliu’s body as Chu Feng’s hand plunged in and out of Nangong Yuliu’s body.

It was such a horrifying sight that Li Jiaojiao couldn’t help but shriek in utter fright.

In her years in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, this was the first time she had seen anyone daring to treat Nangong Yuliu in such a manner.

“Don’t kill me, Chu Feng. Don’t kill me… If you kill me, my grandmother will never let you off!” 

Realizing that he might really die at this rate, Nangong Yuliu immediately begged for mercy. 

However, Chu Feng paid him no heed as his hand darted toward Nangong Yuliu once more mercilessly. This time, it was aimed at his head. He didn’t pop Nangong Yuliu’s head, but the immense might behind his blow knocked out the latter.

Following that, Chu Feng shot a demonlike glare toward Li Jiaojiao. Under his overwhelming oppressive might, Li Jiaojiao fell unconscious too.


Nangong Yuliu woke up to a sharp pain. His eyes shot open as he quickly scanned his surroundings, only to find that he was still in his residence.

A shuddering Li Jiaojiao was seated next to him.

Chu Feng was present too, but he was sitting in the main seat in the room. 

Nangong Yuliu swiftly recalled what had happened and shivered in fright. He had no idea why Chu Feng would knock him out, but he had a bad feeling about this. 

His grandmother wasn’t in the residence today, so he could only count on himself if he wanted to survive.

“Chu Feng, d-don’t kill me. Give me a chance. I’ll never dare to challenge you anymore,” Nangong Yuliu cried.

“So, why did you target Song Xi?” Chu Feng asked.

“I-I was foolish! I knew that Song Xi was close to you, so I wanted him to suffer too. That’s why I got Li Jiaojiao to seduce him!” Nangong Yuliu replied anxiously.

“Li Jiaojiao, tell me what happened that day,” Chu Feng ordered.

Li Jiaojiao had already been put in place after the torturous suffering she went through under Chu Feng’s hands, such that she dared not to hesitate at all. She quickly recounted the chain of events without daring to hide anything at all.

“Nangong Yuliu, is what Li Jiaojiao said true?” Chu Feng asked.

“Y-yes, it’s all true! Junior Chu Feng, I let my hatred get ahead of myself. I’m worse than a beast. I shouldn’t have envied your talents! 

“B-but… isn’t Junior Song Xi still alive? I can save him! I’ll figure out a way to treat him! S-so, just give me a chance!” Nangong Yuliu exclaimed.

However, Chu Feng ignored his words and instead rose to his feet.

“Chief elder, elders, and fellow disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, you have heard their words. Do you understand now that Song Xi has been framed?”

Nangong Yuliu and Li Jiaojiao immediately turned to where Chu Feng was looking at, but there was no one there at all. The next moment, however, the entire residence suddenly began to distort.

Everything dissipated with a wisp of smoke, dispelling the illusion.

Nangong Yuliu was stunned. He realized that he wasn’t in his residence at all. Rather, he was sitting in the middle of a square, surrounded by countless elders and disciples. A huge portion of them was from the North Tortoise Hall, but there were people from the other three halls too.

“Y-you’re despicable, Chu Feng! You schemed this!” Nangong Yuliu bellowed furiously.

He realized that he had been duped. It finally dawned on him why Chu Feng had chosen to knock him out instead of killing him outright. 

Chu Feng had made use of the time that he was unconscious to bring him to this location before swiftly setting up a formation to disguise this place as his residence. This was all in order to make him lower his guard so that he would confess to his crimes before the crowd. 

“Chu Feng actually managed to redress Song Xi’s grievances!”

The elders and the disciples present were amazed by Chu Feng’s feat, especially the elders of the North Tortoise Hall.

When they received a request from Chu Feng to bring as many people over as possible, they quickly called everyone they knew and rushed over. The first thing they noticed upon arriving was Chu Feng’s bloodied hands, followed by the formation constructed in the center of the square. 

In the first place, they were standing at the center region of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect which boasted the greatest crowd density, and Chu Feng’s bloodied hands were simply too eye-catching to ignore. As a result, news swiftly spread and more and more people began gathering around the area. 

However, Chu Feng didn’t choose to drag things out and wait for more people to arrive. He knew that time wasn’t on his side, and he had to get things done fast.

As soon as the chief elder arrived, he told the latter that he wanted to acquit Song Xi of his crimes and asked the crowd to testify on his behalf.

Initially, the crowd was still perplexed as to why Chu Feng would construct such an illusion formation in the middle of the square. The illusion formation was one-sided, meaning that only those standing within the formation would be affected by the illusion. The crowd outside would only see a transparent barrier, allowing them to see and hear what was going on inside clearly.

Their questions were soon answered as Chu Feng pulled Nangong Yuliu and Li Jiaojiao out from a Cosmos Sack. He first shook Li Jiaojiao awake, followed by Nangong Yuliu.

All of this resulted in the earlier scene.

All it took was a question from Chu Feng to get Nangong Yuliu and Li Jiaojiao to confess.

Everyone knew that Nangong Yuliu and Li Jiaojiao had fallen for Chu Feng’s ploy. They had no idea that everything they were saying was being heard by the crowd, and it was all too late by the time they noticed it.

“As you can see, Song Xi was framed. I need all of you to testify for Song Xi so as to acquit him.”

Chu Feng stood up and bowed to the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall and the others. The chief elder nodded firmly in response.

No matter how weak the chief elder was, he knew that he had to step up right now. Chu Feng had already gone to the extent of delivering the evidence to his footstep, and if he were to still coward out right now, he would truly be unworthy of his position.


However, a shocking sight happened right after.

Chu Feng raised his hand and struck Nangong Yuliu’s head.

“Chu Feng, you…”

Everything happened so quickly that the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall didn’t even have time to react. By the time realization struck them, it was already all too late. Nangong Yuliu’s head had been smashed into bits.

“Chu Feng, that’s too reckless!”

The chief elder was completely flustered to see that Chu Feng had killed Nangong Yuliu. However, Chu Feng calmly pointed at Nangong Yuliu’s corpse before directing a sweeping gaze at the crowd.

“I, Chu Feng, have never provoked anyone ever since entering the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but time and time again, there are people who simply want to trample all over me. I’m willing to tolerate it once or twice on the grounds that we’re all fellow disciples of the same sect, but there are always those who know not of remorse and come after me again and again, unwilling to give it a rest until I’m finally dead. 

“What I want to say is that you should never take my kindness for granted. If you wish to come after my life, you should be prepared for a fate that’s worse than Nangong Yuliu’s.”

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