Chapter 4776: False Testimony

Chapter 4776: False Testimony

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Soon, it was time for the eleventh floor of the Hidden Dragon Prison to open once more. Many elders and disciples arrived at the prison entrance early in the morning, resulting in the area getting a little crowded.

They glanced in the direction of the eleventh gate as they discussed fervently amongst themselves, wondering if Chu Feng was still alive or not.

However, what was worth noticing was that there were a few familiar faces amongst the crowd, namely the third and fifth ranked Hidden Dragon Disciples, Zuoqiu Yanliang, and Song Qian.

Other than them, many of the disciples who were trapped in the Vicious Beast Hellworld the other day also appeared in the vicinity, though Li Muzhi and his group were nowhere to be seen.

The reason behind this had to be traced back to the second day Chu Feng was still trapped inside the Hidden Dragon Prison.

That day, the disciples trapped in the Vicious Beast Hellworld were finally freed. However, so as to obtain the antidote to their poison, they spoke the lies that Zuoqiu Yanliang told them, pinning the blame of the Cleansing all on Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was the one who saved them, but in the end, they made him out to be the culprit who caused great devastation and nearly cost them their lives.

Of course, Li Muzhi and the others tried to speak up on his behalf, but there was little they could do when prestigious disciples like Zuoqiu Yanliang, Song Qian, and the Duanmu Brothers were standing on the same front, insisting on their statements.

It was apparent to the crowd who were the more trustworthy ones here.

Due to that, Li Muzhi and the others nearly got harshly punished for speaking up for Chu Feng. They were only spared due to Li Muzhi’s grandfather pleading on their behalf before the sectmaster, but even so, they were still grounded to their respective residences for the time being.

All of a sudden, Chu Feng who had come into prominence recently suddenly became a greatly hated figure in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. 

Even those who thought that Chu Feng was a talent dared not to speak up for him, for the ones who were opposed to Chu Feng weren’t just the elders and the disciples but the sectmaster as well.

Chu Feng had already demonstrated his talent, but the sectmaster chose to punish him instead of siding with him. Her attitude toward him was made very clear. 


Finally, the black gates to the eleventh level started opening, revealing a spirit formation gate.

There was nothing amiss with the spirit formation gate, but oddly enough, Chu Feng didn’t emerge from within right away. Everyone began to wonder if Chu Feng had lost his life.

Zuoqiu Yanliang, Nangong Yuliu, and the other enemies of Chu Feng were all pleased to see that. They would be more than happy if Chu Feng were to lose his life in prison.

However, the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall and the others lowered their heads guiltily. They felt conscience-stricken about Chu Feng’s plight.

It was a huge honor for someone of Chu Feng’s talent to choose their North Tortoise Hall, and they swore to protect him. Yet, every time Chu Feng met with danger, they found themselves unable to do anything to help. 

They resented their powerlessness.

“Oh? Looks like there’s quite a huge crowd here.”

Just as everyone thought that Chu Feng was doomed, a voice suddenly sounded from the spirit formation gate. 

Following that, Chu Feng stepped out from within.

“Chu Feng is actually alive?”

Zuoqiu Yanliang, Nangong Yuliu, and the others were disappointed with Chu Feng’s appearance whereas the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall and the others broke out in beaming smiles.

But at the same time, their hearts couldn’t help but ache on his behalf too.

Chu Feng was indeed still alive, but his face and lips had turned pale, and his eyes had lost their usual spirit. His physical condition and mental state seemed to be in horrible shape, such that his feet were wobbling with every step.

Even though he had survived the ordeal, it was clear that he hadn’t fared well over the last three days. It must have been unbearable torture in there.

“You sure are lucky to have survived, Chu Feng,” Zuoqiu Yanliang said.

“You’ve only managed to come out now? Looks like you’ve failed to clear the Hidden Dragon Illusory Palace,” Chu Feng remarked wryly.

However, Zuoqiu Yanliang simply sneered in response, saying, “Chu Feng, are you still spouting lies even at this point? Hidden Dragon Illusory Palace? Are you still going to continue spouting that nonsense? You should just admit to your crimes now,” Zuoqiu Yanliang said.

“Chu Feng, do you plead guilty?”

A towering elder with a glowering look on his face suddenly questioned Chu Feng sternly.

He was one of the Hidden Dragon Elders going by the name of Huyan Xiaotian.

The moment Huyan Xiaotian appeared, the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall immediately sent a voice transmission to inform him of Huyan Xiaotian’s identity so that Chu Feng wouldn’t cross him by accident.

“What crime am I guilty of?” Chu Feng asked.

“In the absence of elders, all disciples should heed the leaderships of the Hidden Dragon Disciples. Yet, you disobeyed the orders of Zuoqiu Yanliang and Song Qian and instead wreaked havoc, causing them to nearly lose their lives in the Vicious Beast Hellworld. This is the first crime,” Huyan Xiaotian said.

“What’s the second?” Chu Feng asked.

“You left the Vicious Beast Hellworld in advance, but instead of speaking the truth and asking for forgiveness, you fabricated lies and made yourself out to be a hero. That’s the second crime. Do you plead guilty to these two crimes?” Huyan Xiaotian asked.

“Hidden Dragon Elder, do you have any evidence for the crimes?” Chu Feng asked.

“All of the disciples in the Vicious Beast Hellworld are eye-witnesses. Are you trying to say that they’re all lying? Chu Feng, the evidence is already in place. If you admit to it, we can still consider going lenient on you. However, if you still insist on denying your crimes, you’d only be putting yourself in a worse position,” Huyan Xiaoting said.

Numerous disciples walked out amidst the crowd and stood behind Zuoqiu Yanliang and Song Qian. They were all the people who were with Chu Feng in the Vicious Beast Hellworld the other day.

Chu Feng directed a smile toward those disciples. 

They were all either Hidden Dragon Disciples or personal disciples, figures whom the others all looked up to. Yet, they couldn’t help but feel panicked when they were met with Chu Feng’s smile.

The overwhelming power that Chu Feng had displayed the other day in the Vicious Beast Hellworld was simply too great that it was imprinted in their minds. None of them dared to look down on Chu Feng anymore.

“If what Lord Hidden Dragon Elder said is true, it would mean that all of you have made false testimonies. What did Zuoqiu Yanliang give you all?” Chu Feng asked.

“False testimonies? Chu Feng, it looks like you’re beyond redemption. You still refuse to give up at this point, instead claiming that we have falsified our testimonies? Just how insolent can you be? What kind of place do you think our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is?” Zuoqiu Yanliang roared furiously.

His tone made it sound as if Chu Feng was a true sinner.

“Chu Feng, just give up and plead guilty!”

“What’s the point of struggling in futility here?”

The other personal disciples also began to criticize Chu Feng.

It was as if the whole world wanted his death, but Chu Feng didn’t lose his composure at all. Instead, his lips curled further upward.

“Very well. Since you have all made up your minds, don’t blame me for this.”

Chu Feng’s words induced laughter from the crowd. Those who were oblivious to the truth looked at him as if he was a fool. They thought that it was utterly foolish for him to dare to threaten others when he was going to get indicted very soon, not to mention that the ones he was threatening were the Hidden Dragon Disciples and personal disciples.

In their view, no one in their right minds would dare to do such a thing.

Little did they know that Song Qian and the other personal disciples felt their hearts clench upon seeing the look on Chu Feng’s face. They sensed danger from Chu Feng’s smile, and it made them realize that they might have made the wrong call here.




A series of dull explosions echoed the next moment. In the blink of an eye, ten of the personal disciples who had stood forward to accuse Chu Feng blew up into bits.

“W-what’s going on?!”

All of the elders and disciples were horrified by the turn of events. Even the Huyan Xiaotian was stunned.

He quickly scanned the surroundings to see if there were any experts hidden in the shadows, but he couldn’t find anyone at all. He couldn’t figure out why the ten personal disciples would lose their lives. 

While everyone was still baffled by this inexplicable tragedy, Chu Feng directed a sharp gaze toward Song Qian and asked, “Song Qian, do you wish to be the next one?”

Song Qian’s heart lurched upon hearing those words. Without any hesitation, she kneeled before Chu Feng and cried out, “Chu Feng, I was wrong! It wasn’t my intention to frame you. I was forced into it!”

There was a look of absolute terror on Song Qian’s face, and she seemed to be on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

But what everyone couldn’t understand was why a Hidden Dragon Disciple like her would actually kneel before Chu Feng, and her words seemed to be hinting at another story here.

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